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  1. My last trip was 1 month from January 15th to February 12th. But yeah honestly i think I'll just have him visit at this point and cancel the trip
  2. Hello, my fiancee and I applied for k1 mid February 2022. Wait times are long so we'd like to see eachother for a month this summer. My only tie to my country is that I'm a student, currently working on my thesis (should graduate in 2023). I also have an agreement that I will work for a company in my country starting fall 2022. In the past 12 months I spent 4 months in usa (2 visits), I never overstayed or had any issued or secondary interviews with CBP. I'm from a small EU country that isn't known for visa fraud My questions: - is this too risky, should I cancel the trip? - I will prove that I'm a student with the official paper from my college, i can ask my thesis mentor to sign a paper saying that I am working on my thesis with her, I can ask the workplace to sign a paper stating that I will work there in fall. Is that enough/ valid or do I need more? - if I am denied entry, do I risk being banned from entering usa or even losing the ability to get k1? - if you did something similar what was your experience? What did they ask you?
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