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  1. thank you so much @TedsGirl that helped my anxiety alot ! that's okay @alexan123 they should be on the main page when you log in under "Your Cases" then there's a documents tab and they should be under there if they've uploaded them.
  2. Not sure if this is a weird question but I just wanted to ask if anyone else has this same experience. Basically when I sent in my green card package (with advance parole and employment authorisation) I sectioned everything into its own part with a cover letter, however on my USCIS account they have saved documents meant for the I-485 to the advance parole section, and saved no documents to the employment authorisation section? so for example our marriage certificate is saved under I-131 Documents? As well as my wife's passport photocopy (proof of us citizenship) meant for the I-485. I'm not sure if this is just uscis's process? meaning they save everything everywhere? or if they just got confused? I'm just worried they might deny my case if they think they don't have the documents for that specific application when I provided it. or am I just panicking for nothing?? 😔
  3. @K1visaHopeful one last question before I respond to the RFE, should I resubmit my wife's signed I-864 and tax transcripts as well as the joint sponsors information, or only resubmit the joint sponsors form and tax documents? (basically should i just resubmit the entire financial packet, or just the joint sponsor) I'm not sure if this question is irrelevant as on the RFE itself they said my wife doesn't make enough, but I also don't want to miss something. Thanks for your help
  4. @Scandi yes, so sorry about that I should have specified! We submitted her I-864 and tax transcripts (i also submitted an employment letter with this but now i feel as though that was a mistake)
  5. @K1visaHopeful that is so helpful, thank you. I definitely think that is why we got RFE'd then, my wife and I looked through the form again and we don't think it would be anything else. At least we know what's wrong so we can fix it For the pay stubs and employment letter, yes, I added those to prove his earnings and also because I thought the more the better, do you think i should leave these out and only submit what they ask for? thanks again for your help!
  6. @K1visaHopeful yeah, he is married and filed jointly, but i also gave them recent payslips, and an employment letter. do you think it would have been better to give them his W2's also to show his individual income? I just want to make sure I don't miss anything 😕
  7. So, i was wondering if i could have some advice. I recently filed for Adjustment of Status from a K-1 visa, and had my biometrics scheduled. However, today I received a request for evidence. It's pretty vague, and i will include the first page as an attachment but essentially they are saying we need a joint sponsor, but we included our joint sponsors signed I-864 plus an employment letter, 3 months of pay stubs and bank statements. I THINK the issue comes from the fact we didn't include his 2021 tax transcripts as he hasn't filed yet (long story IRS screwed up and they had to fix an error and it took a long time), we only included his 2020 tax transcripts, which was completely my fault and i'm happy to send in the W-2's, 1099's and form 2555. I'm just looking to see if anyone thinks that's the issue too? and should i just upload the whole financial package again including my wife's I-864 and tax transcripts + joint sponsors I-864 and tax documents? it's difficult because basically the letter said my wife doesn't qualify as a sponsor because of her income, not that the joint sponsors information was insufficient. That's just what i'm assuming... Any thoughts would help a lot! I always get so anxious because I feel like we filled the form out wrong, so advice is very much appreciated!
  8. Hi Everyone, I recently entered the states on a K1 visa, and I have an appointment for a SSN a week on Friday, however, I saw this on the form I'm supposed to be filling out for the appointment: I have to tick the "Legal Alien Not Allowed to Work Box" but I'm not sure how to explain why I need one? Other than the fact I can't open a bank account or get a driving licence without one. Did anyone else run into this issue? If so which agency did you ask to explain why you needed one? Thanks for your help in advance
  9. Hey, not sure whether to make a new thread with this or post in here, but I got my packet 4 on wednesday and paid for my visa, but it's saying i have to wait for an email to actually schedule my appointment. In the Packet 4 they said my interview would be Wednesday the 12th of January, but I'm worried because I still haven't received the email to actually schedule it, I've just paid for it. Just worried it won't arrive in time. Does anyone know how long this usually takes? Or do you have any advice, should I call the embassy? Thanks to everyone in advance so ready for the waiting period to be over! At least for this stage
  10. @Vamp.nz I'm so sorry you haven't heard back this might not be helpful, but I sent my packet 3 over 4 weeks ago and haven't heard anything back yet either. They aren't replying to my emails either, I'm not sure what's happening with them...
  11. Awesome, thanks both for your replies, I'll just print everything off like @rycilla said I'd definitely rather be overprepared than underprepared.
  12. Did anyone here, who has had an interview, take photocopies/original copies of their initial application to the consulate? I read to take a copy of the i-129F petition, and take original copies of the documents submitted. Is this required? I thought the consulate would already have this honestly Thanks in advance Congratulations to those who got approved! - Kas
  13. I recently had a medical in Wellington, came to $820 for the physical, $175 for the xray, $38 for the bloods. The vaccines I needed I had to go to my doctor for a got some of them for free, the one I had to pay for was around $150. So $1183 in total.... quite expensive. I would say definitely go to Auckland if its cheaper and offers the same service, but if you're looking for convenience and want to save on travel that's how much it cost me. Hope that helps! -Kas
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