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  1. My confusion is that it's not asking what my salary is in the below question (and no where else in the form) but rather how much will I contribute to the beneficiary annually. So is it correct to put my annual salary in the far right column? Or do I need to come up with an arbitrary number below my salary that is still satisfactory for income requirements?
  2. Petitioner will only be using income, do we list the petitioner's salary there for income contribution to the beneficiary? Or how should we fill out this question? Just seems strange to say I will be giving X amount of dollars to the beneficiary annually when we are getting married and will be living under my income together.
  3. For updating our email addresses with NVC - I read through the helpful tips PDF and it says to update our emails once NVC receives the packet. Should we be updating them earlier? Otherwise how do we know NVC received our application? We received our NOA2 in September.
  4. To those still waiting in June - we were apart of the less than 15% of cases untouched. We put in the online inquiry and also reached out to my congressman to make an inquiry. We ended up receiving our NOA2 approval shortly after. I don't know if all that helped or not, but if you're still waiting for a response and can inquire, I'd recommend doing so at the least.
  5. I received a response back from my congressman's office this morning about inquiring, and late afternoon received our NOA2 approval. This could absolutely be a coincidence since correlation is not necessarily causation. I did have the online inquiry and perhaps we were just at our time? Either way, those more informed can extrapolate on whether or not this had an effect or was simply a lucky coincidence.
  6. I really appreciate everyone's input and information, this forum has been invaluable to us. I ended up reaching out to my congressman. There was a simple privacy release form to fill out and email to their office so it was fairly simple. Will any sort of inquiry from my congressman help us receive a response? Maybe not. But at least I feel like we're doing everything we can and putting our best foot forward. Maybe it will help bring a small additional measure of awareness to the wait times we have all suffered and endured. Maybe it will just give us peace of mind knowing that we are trying everything we can. Coming up on 16 months waiting for a response is hard. To anyone else in a similar situation, or others in much worse situations, I guess all I can say is that reaching out to my congressman at least made us feel better. If nothing else, I suppose that in of itself is worth it.
  7. June 8th 2021 filer. Current processing time for the I129-F is 13.5 months with the case inquiry being available at the 15 month mark. Currently we are apart of the less than 15% of cases untouched for June 2021 filers. We submitted a case inquiry this month and got what appeared to be an automated response back via email that our case is being adjudicated and we will receive a response within 45 days. My question is this - should we reach out to my congressman or wait the full 45 days? If that email actually is just a generic response and there's a chance we won't receive any word back within that time frame then I think we should contact my congressman sooner rather than later instead of waiting until around the 16/17th month mark. Has anyone gone through this and have any recommendations?
  8. Just want to take a moment and thank @Optimist19for all these updates.
  9. Same boat as you. We are in the 97000 group - 447 days. Would also like to know the answer.
  10. I was following the same spreadsheet but someone posted a few days back with the correct one that is maintained here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/15hiSOTm85W1CG6c0jzQ8B7lXLo1JEwsWKr3zIszC2Zg/htmlview#
  11. Is the June spreadsheet still updated anywhere? The one I'm looking at only goes back to July 27th.
  12. Just a follow up - they responded today and provided a list of lawyers with contact information. Thank you so much for your help!
  13. Thanks! I sent them an email explaining the situation. Hopefully they can provide some contacts.
  14. My fiance needs to obtain judical records from Iraq because she lived/worked in Erbil (Kurdistan region) for a couple years. Here's the issue: per the reciprocity tables, records issued from the Kurdistan region are not valid for visa purposes and must be issued by Baghdad. We have contacted an embassy and family friend who had the same issue and have gotten the following information. Basically we need to find a lawyer in Iraq who can get the records from Erbil and bring them to Baghdad to be "issued" there and then sent to the embassy we are applying from. Our problem: we have been struggling to even get in contact with any lawyer from Iraq (not to mention the language barrier if we found one), and the Iraq Embassy we wanted to go through in Ankara Turkey has not responded to any phone calls or emails. Has anyone gone through this process before that can help get us going in the right direction? We are open to trying a different Iraq embassy (such as the one in Dubai where we first got this information), but we are really hitting a brick wall trying to find a lawyer in Iraq. Thanks in advance!
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