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  1. @Anujra @saraa88 hi Abuja, I am a August 2019 filer and I am still waiting for medicals to be requested and Saraa88 I hope you green card comes soon you are nearly at the finish line, I am interested to see will I be called soon as our timelines are the same
  2. Hi, I am also Aug 19’ got my approval in May 21 and have received transfer note! This will be our year! Lots of prayers 🙏🏻🙏🏻
  3. Thank you for the information FeDaniela, appreciate it 💫
  4. https://www.uscis.gov/newsroom/alerts/uscis-temporarily-extending-validity-period-of-form-i-693 looks like you need to have received a decision on your I-485 before September 30th
  5. USCIS stated back in September I think, that anyone who’s medical was submitted Before covid would not expire after the two years because of covid delays. So instead of the medical being valid for two years it is now valid for 4 years. Depending on when it was signed. then they stated that you would need the covid vaccine on October 1st. So now I’m not sure if my medical is valid. It seems regardless of what they published people are still being asked to submit a new medical which would mean you would need the covid vaccine.
  6. Hi everyone, Has anyone applied for an exemption to the covid 19 vaccine for their medical exam with medical or religious reasons ? Thank you
  7. Hi MGJ_NY Where you called to redo your medical or was your previous one still in date after the changed the validity of them? I will be thinking of you November 17 ✨
  8. Hi Everyone, I reached out to uscis to find out my case was taking a long time and they say it went to national benefits center ? Has anyone any experience with this ? Does reaching out and getting a reply speed it up? thank you
  9. Hi Everyone! Sharing my timeline for anyone who may need it July 2019 Filer November 2019 - EAD May 2021 - C31 EAD June 2021 - VAWA Approved July 2021 - Case Move to Local Office Anyone else just like me? 💓
  10. Hi All, Hope everyone is happy & healthy in these challenging times. What is the difference between C09 & C31 ? Does that mean the i360 is approved ? I got the same notification, what happens now?
  11. I haven't posted on here in over a year and a half. Great to see so many approval notices in 2020, I hope everyone is Healthy & Happy. Happy New Year Everyone. No updates on my case I am a June 2019 filer, patiently waiting.
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