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  1. I filed the 485 and 765 together in September. I didn't realize you could file a 131 unless there was an emergency situation requiring travel outside the US before the 485 adjudicated. Can you travel for any reason? Thanks
  2. Yes. Like you I read it was I-134 in instructions, which I sent along, but 10 days later received and RFE to send I-864
  3. I filed the I-134 per instructions I read turns out you need the I-864, not I-134, per RFE I received
  4. Obviously I paid an immigration attorney for bad information, fortunately I reached out on this platform before I began paying my new wife through one of my companies. I wanted to be 100% sure what she told me was true. I was having a hard time believing you could work after arriving, then not work while waiting for the EAD, then work again. She is anxious to keep busy, we will just have to be creative for the next few months, while waiting for the EAD Thanks all
  5. But read the language I attached it says authorization and/or EAD
  6. I think they initiated the automatic extension for C09 because of the time it is taking to process the I-765. It clearly states that the C09 category is eligible for an automatic extension. See USCIS.goveadautoextend. It makes no sense to be able to work for 90 days and then not be able to work until I-765 approval then work again. The I-797 clearly states employment authorization and/or EAD and the K-1 visa is clearly an authorization to work
  7. A K-1 visa is an authorization to work for 90 days the I-797C clearly states "You are eligible for an automatic extension of your employment authorization and/or EAD if (1) you have timely filed to renew your current employment authorization (2) Your EAD renewal request is under a a category that is eligible for an automatic extension (3) the category on your current EAD matches the "class requested" listed on this notice (4) Your EAD renewal application is still pending with the USCIS. I read this to mean that your right to work under your K-1 visa is automatically extended if you filed your I-485 and I-765 within the terms of the K-1
  8. An immigration attorney told me the K-1 visa gives you the right to work for 90 days. This notice of action says if your EAD request is under an eligible category for automatic extension listed on USCIS.gov/EAD auto extend, then it is automatically extended if you file within the correct timeframe. The C09 is listed as an automatic extension
  9. We filed and received an acknowledgement for the I-765. With the k-1 visa is an authorization to work for 90 days, according to what I read if we are married and the I-485 and I-765 are filed within the 90 the day period, the authorization to work is automatically extended for up to 540 days. I want to make sure I am understanding this correctly Thanks
  10. Issued to me does not mean mailed, only approved At least in my understanding of how the immigration department works
  11. Check your case status, but don’t get too excited, our visa took about 3 weeks for het to pick it up from the day we showed case approval. We opted to pick hers up, maybe it wasn’t an option there
  12. Part 3 asks if you ever applied for an immigrant visa for permanent residence status. Does that include the current application or are they wanting to know any prior? Thamks
  13. You are right, too many I numbers, lol it was I-134 Thanks again for your help Keith
  14. Found the DS-3025!!! Another question, the instructions say to submit I-864 support affidavit, obviously I filed one originally, do I need to send again with I-485 Thanks
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