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  1. Maybe I was not clear. I HAD to return to France for professional reason and didn't know for how long, maybe for more than one year (because the retirement process can be very complicated and not possible from abroad). So I don't see how I could apply for ROC since I intended to move abroad and no longer having any address in the US (we sold the house), and we even were not sure if we would want to return to the US.
  2. I'm very confused about the right process to be able to return to the US. Here is the situation : I married an american citizen in 2018 following the K1 process. I got a conditional green card in March 2019. My wife and I lived in the US for more than 2 years. We had to come back to France last february (before my green card expired in March 2021) in order to work several months to get retired, that was impossible staying in the US. I didn't know exactly how long I had to work. Today all is ok, I am retired and have a pension. We want to go back to live in the US. In theory I'm eligible to get a 10 year green card since we are married, I never overstayed in the US, and we came back to France for good reasons. But I don't find any application matching this case and I couldn't get information very clear from the ambassy. Anny advice ? Thanks
  3. Hello, I'm french and currently have a 2 year conditional green card based on marriage. It will expire on next March 1st. My wife and I are going to leave the USA and move to France in February. Do I have to fill a I-407 form or just let my green card expire without more notification ? My concern is : will I be able to come back to the US for visiting (less than 90 days) with an ESTA ? Thanks for advise.
  4. I got married in the US in July 2018, got a conditional green card which expires on 2021January 3rd. My wife and I are planning to move to France in September, for a long time, at least one year, maybe more, maybe forever. That means I leave my US residency, but If we want to come back to the US, not for residency again but for less than 3 months, what do I need ? Is it possible ? a special visa ? Should I wait to get a 10 years green card and apply for a re-entry permit ? Thanks
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