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  1. One of the civil document requirements says "photographs". Do they mean a passport size photo?
  2. Guys, do I put my middle name in the "given name" section of the DS260 form? There's no option for middle name
  3. Also if I've never filed taxes, where do I submit my written statement
  4. Guys, does it matter if we fill out the AOS form on the computer rather than filling it with a pen? Other than the signature
  5. Another question, was I suppose to wait for an invoice to be sent to me? Once I received the email with my case number and invoice number. I submitted the payment.
  6. Hey all! I paid my NVC fees AOS and DS on the 2nd of November. I can see that the money has been withdrawn from my account two to three days ago. However, it still says "in process". Can anyone tell me how long this usually takes? On the CEAC website it says to wait two to three days. That's long gone now.
  7. I just received my case number and it has a link to the CEAC website. I just paid the AOS fee but I did not receive the "Welcome letter" that everyone says they received. Is this bad or? Also can I pay the other fee before the AOS fee has the "paid" status?
  8. How do we prove that they will have health insurance exactly? A little bit confused.
  9. Ranging from $500 and below. Is it different depending on your location or
  10. Thanks but my case has not been created yet as of this time. I would like to know how much I should expect to pay when they do reach out to me. I've heard conflicting fees.
  11. For those who have recently submitted their fees for the NVC, what was the total cost?
  12. I was wondering if I would list my daughter, who is 1 years old as my dependent on the AOS even though she is listed as MY mother's dependent because I am not employed and am currently a student. I do take care of her but she is not my dependent.
  13. Can someone explain to me what this means, after we were approved a week or so ago, yesterday, I checked and this was the newest update " Case Was Sent To The Department of State Can someone tell me what this means exactly and what I would need to do next. We haven't received a case number or anything.
  14. So, these rules or whatever that is going into effect in October will not apply to my CR-1-IR-1 case? I don't really know much about the immigration process or terms that are used on this forum. Forgive me if I don't understand.
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