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  1. vbtbmrt

    domestic violence classes

    Are the classes still mandatory before leaving the philippines now days? I dont remember the name of the class but it use to be a requirement ?
  2. she is step daughter of us citizen
  3. My daughter has Interview Oct 1 .i know there is a 4 month time limit for her to travel to here. which is about Jan. or Feb. at the interview could she ask for extension to push it out to April or May. Or how long after enter to USA can she return, Day , Weeks , or till card in hand ?? She is going to college and graduate March is why i am trying to figure out time line on her travel I know there is a why but unsure if i remember correctly
  4. I did that with my wifes daughter we named her on 129 f and then filed a I - 130 after. due to her starting college it takes about 13 months extra but approval was easy
  5. vbtbmrt

    fee payment

    I figured it out. I was using firefox as my web browser and it dont have enough encryption for NVC web site. i open chrome and it allowed me to pay right away. so thats why I couldnt pay
  6. vbtbmrt

    fee payment

    yes i have gotten iv bill but wont let me pay. I have not sent I 864 in yet
  7. I went online today to pay the fees for my step daughter. but when i click pay fee it just blinks and dont direct me to where ever it goes. case was approved may 14 and did choice of agent already. so what i was wondering do they need to have I 864 in there hands before i can pay for either payment ? also do i need to send her birth cert. police clearance and such to nvc when i send I 864
  8. We got the update APPROVED June 14 . Finally csc is moving 17 months of waiting. now waiting for the green card to be produced and sent.
  9. that would be awesome. even if there is a interview at least it is moving.
  10. Yep ours went from Feb. 26 to march 5 received at local office. still waiting
  11. ya she is kinda like that ? worried every little cent. ya her mom gets about $50 a month
  12. If it is 2 Philippine nationals it is hard to get it recognized. but if it is foreigner and filipino the foreigner can file divorce it there own country and it is the filipinos problem to figure out how to clear there own name. its not easy. my filipina wife got a divorce from her filipino husband while she was resident of Hong kong. and now she has to clear her name there so he isnt on her SS anymore. the usa reconized the divorce but philippine embassy here in chicago doesnt
  13. We are in the same. i filed for step daughter in july still waiting. un-sure if it stops the clock but filing before they turn 21 is key. I read it is taking 9 to 12 month for approval.
  14. Went down to the the local office yesterday to get stamp for wife and was talking to infopass person. Processing times web site has a bug or glitch and no one can access it. So they might only have limited computer access this could be why it is all slow ?????? Just thought it was intereting to hear. also doing 10 stamps a day at local office