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  1. Yes, there is a delivery fee to deliver the passport with US visa. My son paid 450 pesos when they delivered his passport visa 3 months ago.
  2. Hi, so far the DNA test is the strongest evidence for parent child relationship but you have to wait till the immigration office requested for DNA test between you and your father. They will send you a letter if they will ask one. And tell your father to use the ptc lab, little bit costly but fast and nice representative. I used their service in March 2021, thanks to them. My son is already here in the US. Goodluck.
  3. Hi, request to expedite your case at NVCExpedite@state.gov. My son got DQ'd on 5/2020 too and his already here in the US 2 weeks ago and started his 1st job here last week. Goodluck and God bless.
  4. Do not waste your money with the immigration lawyer. Applying IR2 visa for minor child is very easy process. My eldest son got here 2018 and my youngest son's flight will be next Friday (4/2). Goodluck.
  5. Hi, request an expedited interview to NVCExpedite@state.gov. Once your case is accepted by the US embassy Manila. Send email to ACSInfoManila@state.gov to request an expedite interview appointment. In our Case, expedited on 9/30/2020. Advance Medical exam at SLEC on Oct.12&13. Interview appointment at USEM on 12/17/2020 and his under administrative review due to birth certificate being late registered. On 1/5/2021, USEM recommended us to the DNA test. And on 3/10 visa issued. Still waiting for the visa. Hoping will get it this week. Goodluck to you and your kids.
  6. Hi, any updates in your case? You need to request an expedited interview. That's what I did. Good luck.
  7. ronh

    DNA test....

    Thank you for the quick reply. I really appreciate you for giving me so much information regarding this issue. My DNA sample was collected on 1/15/21. Thank you once again and God bless.
  8. ronh

    DNA test....

    Hi, ptc lab is awesome. The embassy received the DNA test kit for my son on 1/19/21 but the embassy has not contacted my son yet. Do I have to contact the embassy and schedule the DNA testing? Thank you
  9. Thank you so much Hank. My son is going to get a new passport on Jan. 26.
  10. DFA office advice him to apply for a new passport. Thank you
  11. Hank, does it necessary to correct the middle name while his still in the Philippines? Or can we do it here in the US when he gets here? As what I understand, the embassy will put the NOT APPLICABLE in his middle name just like in his passport. What do you think? Thank you
  12. Oh FYI, my sister went to DFA office in Cagayan de Oro City and their advice is to apply my son a new passport with a new passport number because they cannot do anything to correct the middle name "NOT APPLICALBE".
  13. Hi, my 20 year old son is an illigitimate child so he doesn't have a middle name on his birth certificate, just blank. But on his passport, they put " NOT APPLICABLE" as his middle name . I have no idea how did it happen. And he had his medical exam done at St. Lukes in October 2020 and interview done at US Embassy in December 2020 but his under admistrative review for DNA test recommendation due to birth certificate as late registered and I wasn't able provide them my prenatal record. But in the 221g letter it also stated that " Also please correct passport middle name, the name on the passport will be exactly what will be printed on your visa. Currently your middle name is listed as NOT APPLICABLE. By the way, I just had my DNA test today Jan. 15th. and they sent my son's DNA test kit to US embassy Manila yesterday Jan.14th. So, what do you think guys, does he need to apply a new passport or wait till he gets here in the US and renew his passport? My concern is if he will apply a new passport, it means that his gonaa have a different passport number. So what will happen to his medical exam stamped at St lukes on his old passport? and all the documents in US embassy is his old passport number. Please I really need all your ideas and suggestion. Thank you and God bless us all. Stay healthy img026.pdf
  14. ronh

    DNA test....

    Oh by the way, I'm from NC. PTC laboratories is MO. So it's okay to use this? Thank you so much for all the info. I really appreciated,
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