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  1. I have IOE, Has 2 updates so far since I submitted on July 19th. The 1st update was Aug.2nd and the 2nd one was Nov.13th. Hoping will get approval pretty soon.
  2. 2 updates already since I submitted the I130 for my son. 08/2/2019 and 11/13/2019. I hope will get approve pretty soon.
  3. Fill out the G-1145 too If you want to receive a notification about your petition status and G-1450 form Authorization for credit card transaction if you want to pay thru credit card. Goodluck
  4. I got my NOA1 today July 29th. Send on July 17th. PD is July 19, 2019. Potomac service center.
  5. I submitted my I130 on July 17th too. It was deliver on 7/19. They charged my credit card on 7/23. I just got my Receipt number few minutes ago thru my email and text message, will receive the hard copy in 7-10 business days. Check your junk mail coz that's where I received my receipt number.
  6. I mailed my application today for my son. His in the Philippines. Goodluck to all of us.
  7. Thanks for your quick reply. One more thing, do I have to put my A# or just leave it blank?
  8. Please I need some ideas. I'm a US citizen now through naturalization and I'm going to submit the I130 form tomorrow. My question is, is it okay to submit the I130 without having a US passport yet? Thank you
  9. Hi, I applied in 12/09/2018. Biometrics in 01/02/2019. Interview in 05/30/2019 approved on the same day. Still waiting for my oath ceremony schedule. I hope it's soon.
  10. Hi, my son's flight will be on Oct 31. Does he has to pay the travel tax 1,620 pesos and the Terminal fee 750 pesos?
  11. Yes my US citizen husband petitioned my 19yo son and his visa category is IR2.
  12. Oh Im sorry. Its my 19yo son going to register online for peer counceling and my american husband is the petitioner. IR2 visa
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