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  1. ronh

    Travel tax and Terminal fee...

    Thanks Hank.
  2. Hi, my son's flight will be on Oct 31. Does he has to pay the travel tax 1,620 pesos and the Terminal fee 750 pesos?
  3. Yes my US citizen husband petitioned my 19yo son and his visa category is IR2.
  4. Oh Im sorry. Its my 19yo son going to register online for peer counceling and my american husband is the petitioner. IR2 visa
  5. Hi everybody, I am confused on the CFO registration form. There's a question about the Petitioners citizenship. Choices are Filipino, Foreigner and No response. My husband is American. So I answered Foreigner, is that right? but they ask the "Year of Migration." I put 0000 for the year but its not working. Pls help. Thanks
  6. ronh

    2GO Text message....

    Hi, Thanks to both of you for the quick reply. 2go delivered my son's visa packet today Sept. 29 around 1:30 PM... Now its time to register at the CFO website and purchase his ticket.
  7. ronh

    2GO Text message....

    Hi everybody, my son got a text message from 2GO courrier on Sept 26 around 9AM to deliver his visa but they never come. Im a little bit worried now.
  8. Hi, my 19 yo son is traveling by himself this coming Nov. from the Philppines to the US. Im scared coz this is gonna be his first time to travel alone. Can we request an assistance fron the airline for the first time traveler? Please need your ideas. Thank you
  9. ronh

    Cant update document delivery address

    Hi, I am so confused. My interview in the US embassy Manila was this morning at 8 o'clock (9/17/2018) and got approved. I registered online last week on my visa delivery but my home address is not showing on Document Delivery Information unless I will schedule an interview appointment. What do I have to do?
  10. ronh

    I864 RFE

    Hi, can you please remove the NVC letter on this forum too. September filers. I also posted here. Thank you very much. http://www.visajourney.com/forums/forum/111-bringing-family-members-of-us-citizens-to-america/
  11. ronh

    I864 RFE

    Hi Greenbaum, my son's NBI clearance in the Philippines, right?
  12. ronh

    I864 RFE

    What are they asking? Is it beneficiary's NBI Clearance? Do I have to send a copy of I864 and and beneficiary's civil documents? Pls help. Thanks.