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  1. CEAC Status is "Ready". Do you have any suggestion what we need to do?
  2. Please keep me inform. Goodluck too all of us..
  3. Same here, still waiting. Did you call or send them email ?
  4. So, when is the interview schedule?
  5. My son passed his walked-in medical exam at SLEC on Oct. 12&13, 2020. I emailed the US embassy yesterday asking for expedited interview appointment and today Oct. 14, 2020 his case is updated. I will be very happy if they will grant our request. Goodluck to all of us.
  6. Did your wife and son get there medical already?
  7. My son's Case status said its ready. I think its okay to get a medical as long she has a case number. Just bring NVC letter with a csse number.
  8. Yes, we got an approved email from NVCExpedite. And yes that is correct, IVManilaReplies..... You are welcome.
  9. My son's case status is READY and in manila. I emailed slec on 9/21, and they're respond was, its okay to get the medical exam without interview letter as long as he has a case number and CEAC ready. I also emailed the embassy for expedite interview appointment, and they're advice is, to get the medical first and email them back when the medical is all done. Goodluck to all of is.
  10. My son is flying to Manila on Oct. 10th ang will get his medical on the 12th without an interview letter and then email the embassy after the medical. Will see what happen next. Keep you inform.
  11. Hi, can you give me the SLEC email address please. My son expedited processing is approved on 9/16 and status is ready, still waiting for the interview appointment letter from the US embassy. Goodluck to all of us.
  12. Hi, congrats. did you register her online (SLEC registration)?
  13. hi, in what city in the philippines you live? Got approved of expedite yesterday too.
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