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  1. Just tried to do it with Credit Karma, but it seems that they do not accept/can't process my SSN.
  2. Thank you both. But I thought from reading I-944 instructions that I may need to provide evidence of no credit report/score from one of the three reporting agencies. Credit Report and Score Item Numbers 11. - 12. Credit Card Score and Report. USCIS will review your U.S. credit report and the credit score submitted with your declaration, if available, to review your financial status. If it is available, identify the latest credit score number. You can obtain a free credit report once a year under the Fair Credit Reporting Act from each one of the three credit reporting agencies. You are only required to provide one credit report from any of the three nationwide credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. See https://www.usa.gov/credit-reports for more information. If there are any errors in the credit report, you should provide evidence from the credit reporting agency that demonstrates that you reported the error and that the error is under investigation or has been resolved. If you have any negative history in your credit report, you may provide an explanation in the designated area of this form. Negative credit history may include delinquent accounts, debt collections, charge-offs (delinquent accounts deemed unlikely to be collected), repossession, foreclosure, judgments, tax liens, or bankruptcy on your credit report. If you do not have a credit report or credit score, provide documentation that demonstrates that you do not have a credit report or score with a credit bureau. You may provide evidence of continued payment of bills if there is no credit report or credit score.
  3. Hi, I just wanted to see if anyone has also found it hard to obtain a letter which confirms that there is no credit score and no credit report. I have tried to contact TransUnion, Experian and Equifax and it was only Equifax who said that they could provide such a letter, after I send in a copies of my SSN, my passport and drivers license. I have sent in the documents and now need to wait around 11-15 days (according to Equifax) to get a letter in the mail saying I don't have a report. Is there a faster way to obtain such a letter for I-944 form or is this the normal course of action? Thank you
  4. Hi, Just to double check - when the subject form (I-485) asks for your employment history for the last five years, does one need to include a period when they were unemployed (this was about 5 months)? If yes, do I answer in the box "Name of Employer or Company" the following - Unemployed? and then for address and occupation simply say N/A? Many thanks
  5. Hi, I received an SSN number (and card) in 2015 when I studied and then worked for a year in the USA (after studies). On the card it says "Valid for work only with DHS authorization". I then left USA (after my temporary work visa expired in USA). Now I am preparing an adjustment of status packet (following my marriage to USA citizen) and I wonder whether I should be including in all the forms my SSN number? I think that I do need to include it since this number is given for life to a person and also I am not using the number to work in USA, I am simply including this in the adjustment of status forms. Do you agree? Thank you in advance
  6. Hi, I was wondering whether the I-693 form has to be sent with the adjustment of status packet (i.e. situation where adjusting status within USA) or whether you can wait until your interview with USCIS is scheduled and you can then see a USCIS approved doctor right before the interview? If I am correct, the I-693 has to be completed and signed by USCIS approved doctor. If there was a previous forum discussion or immigration guide on this before, would be grateful if you could direct me there as I'm struggling to find an answer to this question. Many thanks in advance
  7. Hi While I was not born in an English speaking country (born in Northern Europe), I consider English as my native language and am fully fluent. To provide some context, I studied in an UK boarding school since I was 16 years old and then went on to complete university in the UK. I also completed a Master of Laws in the USA (course was in English) and have for the past 6 years worked for English speaking employers - both in USA and UK. I am also qualified as a lawyer in USA and UK. Overall for the past 10 years + I have lived, studied and worked in English speaking countries. Given the above, what evidence (apart from UK and USA school and university diplomas, lawyer certifications) do I need to show to USCIS when they asks to prove "Item Number 5. English and Other Language Skills" on Form I-944. I think from all of the diplomas and lawyer qualification certificates it should be clear that I can speak and write in English as a native. Thanks in advance for any thoughts
  8. Hi I am preparing the adjustment of status packet and am now collating all the evidence for I-944. Does my husband (US citizen) need to provide a copy of his credit report and provide his credit score for the form or is this just for the immigrating spouse? Many thanks in advance
  9. Thanks v much. I guess I was just concerned that we have so many text messages on Facebook for the past year and a half that printing all of it would seem to be too much. Maybe I can include parts/highlights of messages from various periods or try to somehow condense them.
  10. Hi, When I send in to USCIS my adjustment of status packet (i.e. I-130 etc and green card application etc) do I include photos of us together and text messages between us to show that our relationship/marriage is real? Or do I bring this with me to the interview? I have talked to a few couples and they said that they sent in the adjustment of status packet, photos and also affidavits (parents, friends) to show that the marriage is bona fide. I don't see any harm in sending such photos and affidavits, but not sure about text messages (might just be too much). Plus if we show joint bank accounts, insurance etc, that should also be helpful in this respect. Is there a format or issues which the affidavits should cover? How many and from whom you would recommend to include - I was thinking about my husband's parents and my brother and sister in law? Any thoughts much appreciated.
  11. Hi, it appears that form I-485 currently on USCIS website has an expiry date of 10/31/2020. There is no guidance on USCIS website about whether or not they would issue a new updated version of I-485. If am filing for adjustment of status in November/December 2020 should I simply use the form currently on USCIS website with expiry date of 10/31/2020? Thanks v much in advance for any guidance.
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