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  1. Hello, Finally when I logged in today afternoon, Joint sponsor no longer showed N/A. I was able to upload documents. I had emailed NVC through public inquiry and just waited. 5 days ago I received response from NVC advising there is a known system issue and will be resolved soon. Took exactly 2 weeks for a resolution.
  2. Finally today I was able to upload financial documents for Joint sponsor. It no longer shows N/A. Also received email (system generated) from NVC saying ‘your request to add Joint sponsor has been approved’. Took two weeks to resolve.
  3. Hello, I have this same issue where affidavit of support tab is missing and unable to submit joint sponsor / petitioner forms. Did they advise you to mail the documents? How did you know the next steps. I called NVC and they advised to sent an inquiry online but will take longer to respond. This is frustrating. Please share if you have any information of this issue. thanks
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