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  1. Meaning when I filed my taxes in 2022, it was for Tax Year 2021. When I filed my taxes in 2023, it was for Tax Year 2022. When I filed my taxes in 2024 (last week), it was for Tax Year 2023. It doesn't let me file it electronically...I think IRS doesn't allowed that (or maybe because I mailed the original, the amendment needs to be mailed as well).
  2. Sorry, I meant to say 2021 Tax Year as in 2022 Calendar Year. 2022 Tax Year as in 2023 Calendar Year.
  3. We got married in April, 2021 and after the CR1 process, my wife immigrated in 2023. She got her SSN in 2023. For 2021 and 2022 Tax Years, I filed Married Filing Separately. I want to go back and amend those years filing status to Married Filing Jointly. Turbo Tax says that I'm eligible for the Recovery Rebate Credit (Economic Impact Payment??). I've read online that you had to have an SSN by 2021 to qualify. However, I also see in the IRS website that they went back and changed the rule so that only one of the spouses needed to have an SSN. Do I qualify for this Recovery Rebate Credit or not? I wonder why Turbo Tax keeps saying I do.
  4. Ok great. On her return back to the US, will the US border agents make any issue?
  5. We are planning to drive to Canada for 2 days to visit relatives of my wife. I'm a US Citizen and my wife is a permanent resident (Green Card and Sri Lankan Passport with US Visa stamp). She arrived t We've never gone to Canada before. 1) How is the border crossing? 2) How long is the wait? Do we just wait in the card and present our documents when we pull up to the gate? 3) Will my wife only need her passport and green card? 4) Will there be any immigration related problems on entry to Canada or the return back to the US?
  6. We submitted all the required 221g documents mid March and they approved and issued the Visa on first week of June.
  7. Our POE was on June 9th and we received the SSN 06/26. When I filed the DS-260, I selected the option to automatically receive the SSN after POE.
  8. Yeah the status was changed from Refused to AP and then to Issued within the first week of June.
  9. Went to the IAD deferred inspection site. They were friendly, took her passport and stamped it. They stamped it 4 times, 2 with the correct date and 2 with the wrong date. Now there are 4 stamps, 2 on the VISA itself and 2 on the blank page: 1) The correct one on the blank page has the alien number hand written. 2) The wrong one on the blank page is crossed out and there is no hand written alien number (just the stamp only and then crossed out with a pen). 3) Then there is 2 more stamps on the VISA: the correct one and the wrong one on the VISA page. Will this be a problem?
  10. Will this affect her green card or SSN?? Will those be automatically processed normally even without the cpb stamp?
  11. My wife came to US on Friday on IR1 visa but they did not stamp her passport. She came through IAD airport. We went to the deferred inspection site at a different airport (BWI) and the CPB officer there said they do not stamp IR1. He said that the I-94 is for non immigrants and not IR1. He also said they cannot stamp as the stamp is from BWI and I would have to goto the IAD deferred site. I told him there is no deferred inspection site at IAD and he was very rude. I told him I cannnot get insurance for my wife without the I-94 and he got very very angry and was very rude. how do I fix this????
  12. She didn't get any customs form, they didn't check anything, immigration just took a photo and verified some details and let her go. She went through 2 checkpoints, 1 immigration and then through customs.
  13. Sorry, bit confused. I'm the petitioner and I have a USCIS account. Do I use my account to track it OR should I create a brand new account for her?
  14. Ok will do, thanks. One more question, is there a way to track the green card status? whether it's in processing or already mailed etc?
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