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  1. So how about people returning to work without the vaccine? Is that scientific enough? One group is required to get the "clot shot" (planned population control by klaus schwab and the "great reset") and the other people are not. My question to you all is, is it scientific enough? Some areas masks area required, some areas not. Some countries, one brand of vaccine is required, other countries that brand is ok. Some groups don't need the vaccine, other groups need the vaccine. Dr. Fauci, the evil, has never had private practice. Can you guys please look up what Kary Mulis, inventor of the COVID PCR Test technique, had to say about Dr. Fraudici and the PCR technqiue?? This is a nobel prize winner scientist that has more experience than Fraudici.
  2. These visitors are not required to get the vaccine. However, our wives and husbands are. Shall I ask you all a question? Is this scientific??????? These "vaccine mandates" have bankrupted countries and taken away their sovereignty. I guess this is "the great reset" by WHO and WEF.
  3. Yes, spouse is the intending immigrants. The reason my parents are not in good health and they are not able to cope with their daily routines. In our culture, the son would normally take care of his parents.
  4. My wife is in Sri Lanka and the economy there is really bad. There is no petrol, electricity is cut for atleast 3+ hours a day, limited transportation. Everything there has tripled in price. To get fuel, we have to stay in the queues 24/7 for days and it is rationed. I have 2 questions: 1) Once NVC stage is approved, will there be delays in the consular interview due to electricity cuts and petrol rationing? 2) Can we expedite based on the economy conditions?
  5. In one country, a particular brand of vaccine is banned. In another country, that same brand is allowed. For one group of people, vaccine is not required. For another group of people, vaccine is required. The only difference is one is an immigrant and the other is not. Does any of this sound scientific? Science is observable, testable, repeatable, verifiable. I think Kary Mullis (inventor of PCR) said it best that PCR test is just a copy tool....should never use it for diagnostics. Because you can use the PCR Test to prove anything, including the moon is made out of blue cheese. Here the Bible is clearly stating there are 2 types of science. Real science based on above and a "false science" pushed by charlatans in white coats and TV doctors. Can we petition Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum (WEF) to delay the "Great Reset" for some other time??? The powers that be that run the world recently met in the WEF davos conference...so maybe they will remove the COVID requirements and push monkeypox vaccine instead.
  6. I'm the petitioner. My father has serious dementia and my mother had a triple bypass last year. They are both old (62+) and it is getting very difficult for them to do basic things. I try to help as much as I can but I'm also tied up with work. I have 2 sisters, one lives in WV where medical facilities are not that great, the other sister has some disorders. Is my application eligible to be expedited? Right now, it's been more than 6 months since I applied and it looks like from the case processing times, it will take another 6 months for them to just look at it. Ridiculous.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I have another question. My NOA1 date (online filed) was 01/11/2022 and USCIS started actively reviewing on 03/05/2022. If it takes 11.5 months according the case processing status page, why is the earliest date I can contact USCIS about the status on 04/23/2022?? Isn't it supposed to be from 01/11/2022?
  8. The case processing times used to have a date on month + year cases they were processing but now it has been changed to number of months. Mine is at the Texas Center and it's estimated 11.5 months. However, before this change I noted that they were processing August, 2021. Mine was filed in January, 2022. How much more do I need to wait? We're trying to start a family...we're both not getting any younger. Does the 11.5 months cover the ENTIRE process OR only the USCIS stage? It is really unfair and unbelievable that this country would keep a man and his wife apart for no absolute reason other than "worthless" (IMO) checks. Look at other countries like Switzerland.
  9. My wife's country is in an economic crisis (Sri Lanka) with dollar shortage. Banks will give only limited amount of dollars. I can still remittance her money which gets converted to the local currency. Is there any fees required from my wife's side that she is required to pay the US embassy in Sri Lanka? Can I pay those from my side in the US?
  10. Is it required to pass the medical??
  11. Is there a way to see how much backlog is at an embassy? Specifically, for Sri Lanka?
  12. Can someone tell me the Visa Classification using https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/SriLanka.html for IR1 and CR1? I tried looking in the table "Visa Classifications" but didn't see it. Are they both K1 visas???
  13. You mean if I have to file again...it means restarting the entire I-130 process...potentially waiting another 12 months just for the I-130 to be approved???
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