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  1. I will be filing online and had the following questions (My wife is the beneficiary and I'm the Petitioner): 1) Who will be holding onto the original documents? This includes both our boarding passes (She came from Flight, I came from Ferry). I believe she needs to hold on to the originals in case they ask her at the interview. 2) I've read here that the Photos need a caption when submitting. Since I'm submitting online, I'm guessing I will copy and paste the picture into a word document along with a caption on the bottom and then convert it to a PDF which will be uploaded. Each Photo will be a separate PDF. Is this OK?
  2. Question, for evidence of chat records.....since we're both living together in Bahamas from end of March to end of June, we don't really "chat" or call. We did chat and video call 24/7 before that and when we go back home, we will start chatting and video calling 24/7 again. For the chat records, should I submit chat records 1 month before arriving at Bahamas (perhaps January to March 2021) and after we return from Bahamas (July 2021 until I file I-130)?
  3. I think I need it for my wife's country so might as well just get one for the US. Thanks both for your responses.
  4. The island where I got married in the Bahamas, the marriage certificate from the Registrar General is signed by the acting assistant Register General. The "acting assistant" part is handwritten. I called the main island to get it apostilled and they said the wrong wrong person signed it. Then I talked to the Registrar General and they said the previous person resigned and the actiing assitant that signed is correct. They said they will talk to the main island and get it sorted out and get it apostilled for me. Do you know if the certificate will be a problem because the "acting assitant" part is handwritten? The rest of the certificate has "true certified copy" wording and the signature of the acting assistant Registrar General.
  5. Great thanks. One more question. Regarding affidavits of who knows about our relationship/marriage, Can I include the original affidavits from my I129F application from 2019? Or should I just get new affidavits from them? I guess they would write the same thing since it's about our relationship and nothing changed other than getting married so not sure if it makes sense.
  6. Even https://bs.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/apostilles-documents/ seems to imply that I need to get the apostille for the marriage certificate.
  7. I called the US Embassy in Nassau Bahamas and they said that if I wanted to use the marriage certificate for the US Government, it has to be apostilled by the Bahamas Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I even mentioned that the document was original issued by Registrar General of Bahamas but they said I still needed to get it apostilled.
  8. We received our marriage certificate from the Registrar General of Bahamas (Grand Bahamas). I made sure to get 4 copies - 2 for me, 2 for her. Since Bahamas and USA are both part of the Hague Convention, do the marriage certificates need to be apostilled?
  9. Ok, would you suggest that I get an ITIN for her and then file jointly? Can she get an SSN instead?
  10. Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but are pictures without my shirt OK? There are lot's of photos where we're eating breakfast together at our AirBnB and I don't have a shirt on. I just want to make sure this doesn't come off as disrespectful to the officer who examines the file.
  11. We applied for I-129F in 2019 and got rejected early in 2020 because we didn't meet and they said I didn't qualify for the meeting exemption. In 2019, I sent shipped her a box of goodies (food, cosmetics, clothes), christmas cards and such. In 2020, I sent 2 more boxes of goodies, christmas cards, etc. During this time, I paid her rent, cell phone bills, medical bills for her parents as I also told her to quit her job in 2019. In 2021 we finally met in Bahamas and got married. We're still in Bahamas and plan to leave around June or July and I will probably file around August. When I file, should I include my previous evidence such as the shipping receipt for goodie box and paying bills for this application?
  12. On my W2 and tax return, can I claim my spouse as dependent? We have not filed the CR1 application yet. I was thinking of doing this first before filing for co mingling of finances. Also, doesn't co mingling of finances mean that the beneficiary has to add me to their accounts?
  13. My wife and I got married and stayed in Bahamas for 3 months. We have a lot of photos and videos. I have a couple of questions: 1) Does the CR1 application allow upload of video files? 2) Some of our photos together is me without a shirt etc or we are in a bedroom setting. Would including those be OK? 3) How should photos of our us together be organized? I was thinking a weekly page of photos in a PDF document.
  14. We are staying in the Bahamas for 3 months, we have a collection of hotel and airbnb receipts, boarding passes etc. I'm the petitioner. Who needs to keep the originals of these receipts? I believe I will since I'm filling but I'm not sure if she will need it when it gets to the consulate level.
  15. We are planning to live in the Bahamas for about 3 months after marriage. It's not possible to add extra "guests" to the reservation or agreement in AirBnB and Hotel rental. Instead, would a notarized affadavit by the hotel manager or host confirming my wife and I are living there be enough?
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