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  1. Sorry, one more question. Although I originally filed the I-129F, I got an RFE to provide more evidence for the doctor's letter. When I got the RFE, I hired a lawyer and he included a "Form G-28 - Notice of Entry of Appearance or Accredited Representative". When I write the letter to withdraw to USCIS, does my lawyer need to send OR can I send? The lawyer is the one who received the denied letter.
  2. Can I mail them the withdraw letter now and then again include the same letter in the I-130 when I file it?
  3. I got the denial letter - it is because of the 2 year meeting requirement and they said that even though I responded to the RFE with doctor's letter, medications tried, and a statement....it is still not enough evidence. They said I can appeal the case if I want. 2 questions: 1) Do I need to withdraw the petition if I'm going to apply for the CR1? Do I need to do anything in regards to this prior to applying for CR1 or getting married?
  4. There is NO (removed) way she is going to get a tourist visa especially since I told her to quit her job (wasn't making a big amount anyways). It is hard for single women to get a VISA in their 30s in Sri Lanka. I didn't really know that since this is the first time I'm doing this. I didn't do the research because the (remvoed)instructions said to file a hardship waiver from myside, I followed the instructions. Do you not understand??? Go and read the 129-F instructions WITHOUT thirdparty research.
  5. Dude, I filed the hardship requirement because the instructions made sense. Look up the instructions, it caused actual physical hardship..I had an actual doctor's note with treatment since 2005. I filed it because the(removed)instructions said it had a waiver for legitimate reasons. Do you not understand???? How mathematically do you (removed) want to justify "legitimate"???
  6. No, I didn't feel the need to meet, I facetimed videod her 24/7. People who have lived 40 years sometimes end up not knowing their partner.....WHAT PART of disconnect-from-reality mathematics equation do you want to judge us by? I understand it's the "LAW" (non biblical), and yes I'm willing to comply, but the i129F instructions and the reality are 2 different realms. We've only known each other 1 year...where did you get 2.5 years from? did you make that up wolf in sheeps clothing?
  7. When I filed the I129F application, I saw the hardship waiver of the 2 year meeting requirement. I read the instructions, I got the doctor's note because I had been to them to take medication for the phobia since 2005. It didn't WORK. As I said, it takes a person with this disorder to know,a magic pill isn't going to work. Why the hell do they have the hardship waiver with such a bad description/instructions.....I didn't know I had to go to a thirdparty unofficial forum to get instructions. I filed it thinking the hardship waiver would be OK because it is really a hardship for me, the petitioner. That's what the ******* instructions say man. Only now do I even know about the bahamas option. If I had known it earlier, I would have done it a thousand times.
  8. It was mentioned in the 129F, all the receipts of the wire transfers were included. Look, we did video chat 24/7 for a year, it is possible to figure out the mannerisms and ways during that time. Some people live together 40 years and end up not knowing each other......what mathematics equation do the CO/USCIS want to judge us by?!?!?!?
  9. Yeah sure, it sure is easy to hand down judgement from a keyboard. However, I was born in Sri Lanka and lived there for sometime and I know their customs and ways. I know who she is and her ways and ideas. I will do what some of the people here suggested.
  10. Before we do that, we should ask the native Indians for permission. That is a whole another topic, you can just PM me and we can debate. Like I said, our basic rights come from God and not man. Aztecs, Mayans, history, has shown us what happens when rights and "privileges" come from man.
  11. I shopped at whole foods and mom's organic. I sent food that is not easily gotten in Sri Lanka like bunch of $6 sardine and sockeye salmon tins (yeah its a seafood island but they don't even have access to real sardines) and 4+ boxes of lake champlain chocolate ($100 per box) etc. I want her to have the best and I can afford it, that's why I sent it. As a christian and a libertarian, it doesn't make sense why it's a "privilege" and not a human right. If the CO/USCIS interviewed us both, they would understand but we're reduced to numbers on a chart or some gubermint rubber stamp form. Our rights shouldn't come from a piece of paper or some government puppet, they are god given rights.
  12. Ok but we're spending 3 months together (maximum limit for her visa) and then filing the CR1. After that, I will bring her 2 more times, each time 2-3 months...heck I'm willing to bring her 100s of times, doesn't matter. No, I can take the ferry from Florida to Bahamas.
  13. This is based on my previous post: Question, which method is better? Which method will be scrutinized more? #1: Me going to Sri Lanka and staying for 3+ months. I'm very very scared of flying and if I do somehow manage to fly there, I marry her, file the CR1, and would stay until her VISA is granted. I will be paying mortgage, car, utility bills in the US while I'm in Sri Lanka so I think I can prove domicile. This is very stressful for me as I would have to fly 20+ hours and do 3+ flight changes. #2: Me bringing her to the Bahamas (no VISA necessary but she will need to get a transit British visa) and we would get married, file a CR1, and rent a house there. We would stay for 3 months (VISA is only granted for 3 months) and then she would fly back and I would drive back by taking a ferry. I would bring her back to the Bahamas at least 2-3 more times from the CR1 until the interview. This is the most easy for me to do but it may complicate the I-130 paperwork a bit. I know right now COVID has limited options but I'm hoping to do this in October-November, hopefully those restrictions will be lifted.
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