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  1. I visited my Fiancé (now husband) a few times on the esta, no issues what so ever! And my sister has been visiting her boyfriend many times over the course of the past 4 years.. She always does the max of 90 days (not recommended) and she did have to go to secondary twice, but not actually because of visiting her boyfriend, they thought she came to work illegally as a seasonal worker since she always comes around the same time of the year for 90 days. Both times they took her phone but obviously couldnt find anything and she was good to go. I think with you only visiting a short period of time and having a stable job back home it should not be an issue! (as everyone above said, at the officers discretion obviously) Good luck
  2. I came on the K1 visa, we had planned our big wedding for a little later, but to make sure we fulfilled the 90 day rule we first got legally married. Why don't you do that? we did everything in half a day! No appointments, nothing! We went to the county clerk to get our marriage license that we had to apply online before we went (just a quick online form) and that took 30 min max incl the waiting in line, then we went to a UPS store that has a notary (make sure to call before if a notary is in, we had to wait an hour for him to start his shift), just bring marriage license and ID's, they will just sign your paper, then we just went straight back to the county clerk with the signed certificate, they registered us and gave us the official marriage certificate right away, filed AOS a few days after. That was in Tennessee so not sure if all of this works the same for you and I know the UPS store is not very romantic, but you can always have an official ceremony and reception after.
  3. you will get 4 letters (or maybe 3, can't remember) in the mail (if you applied for i-131, i-485 & i-765) and in one of those letters you will get the access code and instructions
  4. My Husband has bank of america and was able to add me without ssn! Just for the credit card I needed a ssn so he added me later to that!
  5. WOOHOO excited for her to have her interview soon!!! So it was the same for me, I had to bring all docs in person! First I had to go through security, then they brought me to a room with a window and a lady on the other side, she took my fingerprints, and I had to give her my documents. The she said I have to follow the signs to the interview room where two girls before me were waiting! The officer took roughly 5 minutes to interview each girl and it was really nice, because I was able to listen and see him and he seemed so super nice and friendly that all my nerves and stress dropped and I was totally relaxed! As for the questions, it was super simple, here are the questions (that i remember at least) : - How we met - What he does for a living - Where in the US he lives - What I do for a living - When we got engaged - If he has a pet (I assume a trick question since the other questions you can study a file and remember 😄 ) I think that were all the questions! He then just said, okay you are approved, do you have any questions for me? So I just asked when will I roughly get the visa in the mail and he said 3-5 working days Then he gave me back my original copies and kept my passport! He also did not want to see a single picture or proof of our relationship etc, the only docs they kept were copies of birth certificate, police records, affidavit of support and medical I believe!
  6. This makes me so sad hang in there, I know the waiting sucks (waited 11 months to get NOA2) and everyday you wonder if its ever gonna happen, but it will and you will forget all those months of waiting right the second things are moving!
  7. I just got back from my interview and we are APPROVED!!! I can't believe we finally made it after over a year of waiting!!!! Hoping you guys that are still waiting for your case to be sent to NVC will have some good news soon
  8. Right?!?! Honestly I got really overwhelmed in the beginning (obviously in a good way😄) but'I didn't expect an appointment until the first week of march haha but I really hope all you guys get some progress soon too, it's always so bittersweet when you wanna be happy for yourself but know all those other couples are still waiting so you are sad for them too😢
  9. yes isn't it crazy when you wait almost a year to hear something back and then all of a sudden everything happens withing weeks! Thank you!!
  10. Yay!!!! oh I didn't know about the 14 day rule, but that is annoying! So at my embassy you can't choose a date, they assign one to you, and yesterday evening I got my appointment, it's on feb 15th ahhh! this happened so fast! I was lucky that I still could get my medical appointment for tomorrow so everything worked out perfectly!!
  11. You can already fill out the ds-160 and save it without submitting it if you want! We got packet 3 yesterday, we prepared everything form the instructions, the only thing i am waiting for is the visa payment confirmation, which can take up to 48 hours apparently!
  12. my package just got to switzerland and is in the very last stage now i believe! I didn't submit it yet but i have filled out 90% and saved it! just a few more questions that i wasn't 100% sure but did some research on! how about you?
  13. I hope so too! I am currently waiting on the instructions, hoping i will get it monday or tuesday
  14. The NVC received my case 15 days after approval so yours should arrive soon!
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