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  1. Hi, we got DQ’d the same day, August 11th but status still says at NVC. I know that some people with CR-1 visas whose interviews got cancelled in the early summer have had their interviews at the local embassy In September which is good news. So eventually they have to get to our case but I have no idea when that will happen. I feel very discouraged because I was hoping to be done with the process before Christmas but who knows at this point 😕 Anyway, let’s hope we both get interviews very soon! Good luck 😊
  2. Congratulations! That’s great news! Did you expedite your case, if you don’t mind me asking?
  3. No unfortunately not yet 😕 we’re thinking about expediting our case because this process has had a major impact on our mental wellbeing. Apparently no one has gotten interview at the Helsinki Embassy since they reopened even though the customer service representative told me that they are processing “certain immigrant visas”.
  4. I also contacted NVC because I was curious about my status “at NVC” on CEAC even after getting the DQ email and they just replied that my case is now in line at the embassy overseas. Status never changed though: still says “at NVC”. So either the status only changes after the interview is actually scheduled or the site just doesn’t update very often. Anyway, nothing to do but to wait a guess... Hopefully both the embassies will schedule the interviews very soon! Good luck to you
  5. Hi! We’re in the same boat with you. CR-1 and waiting for interview at the U.S Embassy in Helsinki (Finland). Our DQ date was August 11th. After that I emailed the embassy asking if they are doing the CR1/IR1 interviews as they were declared mission critical. They sent back a very nice email saying that they will schedule certain mission critical immigrant visa interviews but they haven’t received my package from NVC. I found this message to be somewhat confusing as I thought that DQ literally means that the NVC asks the embassy to schedule an interview and it’s up to them from that point on but a guess it takes more time before my case ends up in the local embassy still. But looking at the bright side, at least they sent me a nice email
  6. Hi y’all! I’ve been doing a lot of googling and I’m finding some pretty contradictory information online. Is getting DQ’d the same as case complete? We got DQ message from NVC last week but when I contacted the local embassy they told me that the case is still at NVC even though the DQ email says that NVC will now work with the local embassy to schedule an interview. We’re CR1 and husband is USC. Embassy told me that they are going to schedule an interview but they haven’t received the package yet. Status on CEAC still says “at NVC”. Some sources online claim that if your CEAC status says ”at NVC”, that means that they haven’t looked at the DS260 form yet but that would seem odd since we already got the DQ email and surely the DS260 is also reviewed with the rest of the documents. I can’t seem to find concrete answer whether DQ means that everything is truly ready or is the more waiting before the case is sent to local embassy. I’m wondering whether I should do something and make sure that everything is in order or just wait patiently. My apologies for a very long post!
  7. That’s amazing, us too! The waiting game continues but this is still one step closer. Congratulations! Hopefully we both get interviews scheduled fast
  8. Oh cool, that’s good to hear! Hopefully your husband will be approved soon!
  9. Thanks for the reply! That’s a relief to hear so we submitted our stuff on the same date. We’ve had no updates so far! Hopefully we both get DQ’d soon!
  10. Hi, I have a question about the NVC status check: when I use the status check tool (the one where you only type in your case number and nothing else), I get a notification that “action is required, please submit the following documents” and then a whole list of all the documents that NVC asks for. The weird thing is that we’ve already submitted all of them and paid fees three weeks ago. Is this a glitch or should I be calling NVC to make sure that they have received our stuff? I’m also wondering why we haven’t gotten DQ’d yet, even though we’re CR1 and those usually get DQ pretty fast, or at least it seems that way lately. Thanks in advance for help!
  11. I’m so happy to announce that our I-130 was approved today, June 4th! 🤩 PD October 31st 2019 SC Nebraska, no transfer, no RFE. Date changes: 04/06, 05/18, 05/21, 06/04 and then later approved on the same day! I129-f still hasn’t been touched. Hoping that all y’all will get approved very soon as well ☺️
  12. Omg so exciting! Congrats! 🥳 You didn’t have any more date changes before approval? Does your USCIS account say approved already? I’m asking because it seems that the site doesn’t always get updated immediately. Our PD is October 31st! Really hoping we’re gonna get approved soon as well 😄
  13. Yes, husband is US citizen and we also did I129f but we’ve had no movement with that at all.
  14. We’re definitely on the same boat because we got a date change on the 21st too! Two changes so close together gotta mean that things are moving along! Fingers crossed 😎
  15. Us too! Had one date change 6 weeks ago and today second one! Our PD is October 31st. I hope this is positive development for the both of us 🤩
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