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  1. Happy July everyone -- let's hope for some active posts in here on scheduled interviews!
  2. Bummer, I put together such a beautiful petition with photos and proof of marriage. Would have been a good keepsake. haha
  3. Does anyone know if you will ever get the I-130 package back? I don't need it but was just wondering what they do with all our photos , letters of support etc.
  4. I sent an email 2 weeks ago and they said they were unable to forward it on the to the embassy. They asked me to try again in after a few weeks so I just sent it today. It usually takes 2-3 days for a reply. I wrote to them about my relocation benefits and had the relo company issue me a letter of the benefits expiration date that I attached in the email. If you have a valid reason, you can always send them an email to try to get it expedited. But right now, there are many emails being sent for that request, some valid some not. That ultimately is up to NVC / Embassy to decide. Good luck!
  5. It's your call. I had a valid reason to write to my embassy because of financial loss / job offer with relocation benefit that expires soon.
  6. Hey, It is a response to an email I had sent the embassy.
  7. I posted in another forum, but will repost here as well. UAE is starting to do interviews that were previously scheduled and cancelled.
  8. Hey, no it was an automatic reply from an email I sent the embassy! Hopefully any day now Stay positive!
  9. Here is the latest from Abu Dhabi: they are catching up on previously scheduled immigrant visas.
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