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  1. Got a letter today for biometrics but weird thing is they schedule it very far away in another state despite we have other uscis application centers close to my place such as Boston. I live in Massachusetts and they gave me biometrics appointment location in Bedford, NH. Does anyone know if can change the biometrics location.
  2. Finally I see that we are receiving letter today from USCIS ,let's see what surprise comes under that.
  3. They send me text with receipt number and i look into uscis account as well.
  4. Package received in USCIS (Phoenix): March 11, 2021 Check cashed: April 5, 2021 Case Assigned : April 5, 2021
  5. You get USCIS account number when you create an account on USCIS website .Its not mandatory, if you don't have any account you can just leave it blank. Having an account has its own perks such as you can have receipt,notifications available to you instantly rather than waiting for mail from USCIS. You can create an account anytime.
  6. Thank you for your feedback and clarification this means I was just worried for nothing .We did also sent our both driver license showing same address .
  7. Thanks for your feedback ,that's what i thought .I mean in interview they can ask any questions to validate if we are living together or if our marriage is bonafide but I was just worried if they can deny our application just on the basis of not having joint mortgage or lease documents . As i was watching some people previous experiences and they said they send you a interview letter with any require documents which you initially haven't submitted (mortgage or lease document in my case ) and they can deny your application if you don't bring those documents at the time of interview .
  8. Hi , I (U.S Citizen ) have filed I-751 application with my spouse ,we submit every single documents such as our child birth certificate ,joint taxes ,joint bank statements ,family pics ,health insurance ,joint club cards ,joint utility bills ,medical bills ,our child pediatrician summary visits accompany by I and my wife. and so on but what i didn't submit was my mortgage document as house is on my name (which i bought before our marriage ) and I just didn't bother to add my spouse name because her credit isn't good yet and we thought we can buy another house on her name as first buyer so we only have to put 5% down . My concern is it mandatory to have spouse name on house mortgage for I-751 approval ,I saw some youtube videos and they mentioned that in interview letter they asked you bring documents which you haven't submitted with your I-751 application ,in my case mortgage document .And then if you don't produce joint mortgage document they will deny your application .Does anyone have experience with that kind of situation or should i just have her added now .If this is something which they think is must have then i can contact my mortgage and have her added ,if not then for reasons mention above ,I am thinking to keep as it is so we can buy another home on her name in future. Thanks
  9. We sent ours on March 8th ,delivered on March 10th Phoenix,AZ . Hopefully will receive the receipt number soon . Does anyone have idea how much time now it's taking for them to review and approve (or for interview) . Thanks in advance
  10. Does anyone know how much approximate time NVC is taking to review RFE which were submitted again. It took 3 months for NVC to review my documents but unfortunately i got an RFE to submit W2s . Its been 1 month since i submitted those but haven't hear anything yet which is kind of frustrating. Btw i am in F2A Category so i know things are slow for us.
  11. I asked NVC if they have any email where i can send documents directly to them and they said that there is no email ,we have to submit any documents or inquiry through NVC inquiry form only.
  12. Hello all, I am trying to change my visa location and send inquiry form to NVC twice with supporting documents but everytime NVC says that they did recieve the inquiry form but no attachments with it. Its second time in row now ,did anyone face the same problem?
  13. Hello, I am sending an inquiry to change my interview location to NVC with the supporting documents but everytime i send those ,i get response from NVC every 7 days that they aren't getting any documents. Does anyone face the same issue ,i tried it twice to sent an inquiry form with attachment but everytime they said they are not seeing attchments with my online inquiry form.
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