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  1. Probably never sent and the interview notices probably weren't sent either. The foia that pic was referencing was the one where I asked for specific dates copies of interview notices sent on those dates. One of the uscis service request mentions 3 specific dates. I also have ar11 numbers to show the address change was in time I am certainly going to explain all this in the letter explaining the refile.
  2. Lawyer called and wife called to check if their is an nta and none was found with her a number. The lawyer we got sounded like it was unlikely that this would be denied even if it got to an nta.
  3. We are filing a new i751 AND getting a lawyer to be safe. Also we got a strange response from Foia request. In the foia I asked for copies of interview notices sent out. I even put the specific dates that the uscis says they were sent out. Attached is a pic of the response.
  4. We didn't appeal the n400 How exactly would a judge rule to deport in this case?
  5. She just said to refile. I am curious how these cases hold up in court if wrong info is given.
  6. The i751 will be a few years late, can that even be processed?
  7. They gave her a 6 month stamp in passport so she isn't here unlaw fulyet
  8. The officer told my wife that it's denied, when my wife asked about why multiple uscis and online states pending the officer said pending means its on its way to a judge to begin court proceedings. Is there a way to find out what is being sent to a judge??
  9. They didn't allow me to go with her. The officer told her it was denied and said everything other uscis people told her wasn't true, the service requests to have roc rescheduled wasn't true either according to the uscis officer today.
  10. Yesterday she got scheduled an infopass appointment for next week. The service request to find out why its taking so long to get an roc interview also stated that they will discuss that at the infopass appointment.
  11. We are prepared. I doubt that uscis officers Tier 1 and 2 can say the same thing and all be wrong, including online notification status stating the same as they say. They all can see the missed interview and they all say the receipt number is not denied and that it's in que to be rescheduled. They all state that a denial is something they all would be able to see. Whether it was or wasn't denied, if it's back in the que to be rescheduled then it's a moot point. I have a current service request for an officer to look at what is taking so long to be scheduled.
  12. Internal document meaning I could only see it by specifically saying I want to see it. It was never sent out. Mom says wait for it to be rescheduled. Correct missing an interview starts the denial process.
  13. When I spoke to the tier 2 she could see that I missed the interview on May 7 2021 and she still put a service request to have it rescheduled. That tier 2 said it wasn't denied, the words that the uscis officers use is "hold" you guys are insisting the correct word is denied, I dont control what terminology you or the uscis choose to use. Tier 2 stated that she can see a missed interview and she said she could put it in rescheduling que. Last uscis officer and online update states that request to be rescheduled was completed. Uscis officer states completed means its in the que to be rescheduled What are your explanations as to why nobody at the uscis is using the word denial and they all state the receipt number isn't denied. I personally don't care which word is used since the interview is being rescheduled
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