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  1. Hello, congratulations on your approval once again. If i may ask a few questions cos I and my wife are curious and dying to get a feedback from the USCIS. We filed in March.


    1. When did you file?

    2. What supporting documents did you submit? 


    I would really appreciate your reply. Thank you, God bless you.

    1. welkin25


      Filed Feb 5th (you can see it on my timeline). I submitted:

      - marriage certificate

      - affidavit from two friends who know us

      - itinerary of us traveling together

      - joint bank account statement (we married in January and opened the account around that time, so it was very new and didn’t have a lot of activity)

      - proof that he has been added to my insurance (medical, life)

      - pictures of our wedding and guestbook (with comments from our friends)

      - pictures of us and with our friends

      - postcards that we sent to each other

      - photos/receipts of gifts that we bought each other


      i hope your petition gets approved soon!

  2. Well i think your processing center has been changed. Have you tried chatting with a LIVE AGENT?
  3. Good to know my classmate...lol. They are processing October as at yesterday.
  4. Same issue here with me. I got to know about "Ask Emma" on this website after reading a lot on this website. I figured our case was transferred to Texas yesterday and its being processed for 7 months now. We are battling "Not going crazy" because all hopes was in an approval in October. We have no choice but to be patient and prayerful. Thanks to this Site. Really learnt a lot within few hours spent on here.
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