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  1. I don’t think finding insurance should be one’s first issue when getting to USA... as for working from home, this is usually a customer service job. It doesn’t pay too much for people just starting... I would suggest you have more zeal and ambition when getting here. There’s alot of money to be made outside of the home...
  2. Please send The link to me as well. I DQ’d in March... still haven’t heard anything.
  3. Is it possible you make a spreadsheet specifically for Nigeria. So we can keep up the backlog movement. And if possible, specify which visa category they are in. I’ve looked at the spread sheet and it’s hard to read. Different countries are moving With interviews at different paces. So it could only make sense to view it country by country.
  4. Could you send me a link for the group as well? I DQ d earlier this month and would like to keep up with how the backlog is moving.
  5. Could you tell us when you were DQ’d and what category you’re in? Just want to know where we are with backlog..
  6. Thanks so much! Is there a link to that forum? Having trouble finding it!
  7. Hey they actually accepted my documents the very next day! Still requested for my household members tax transcript which I plan uploading tomorrow... assuming all my documents are complete and they are accepted tomorrow, when would I expect to get a call for interview notice? And how long in advance do they notify you about your interview date..
  8. Good evening house, after a year of filing I 130 I was approved on the 29th of January 2021. I filed January of 2020 and I am now At NVC. I just finished uploading and submitting all documents that were required. I would love to know about how long does it take for nvc to review the documents. And when can I expect they call my husband for interview? Hubby is in Nigeria. I am filing as a USA citizen. We have 1 child together.
  9. Congratulations on getting to this step. I hope all goes well with you. Is it possible we connect? I have alot of questions I hope you can answer for me..
  10. I’m the letter did they tell you what your next steps were? Or was it just to inform you of the case number? Also did you file online? If so was this letter from NVC also posted on your online account?
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