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  1. I was able to do walk in biometrics in oklahoma even if my address in record is in california
  2. I did the change of address in May. Received email notification after 2 weeks but no paper mail. Called last June inquiring about biometrics and also asked if my address in their records has been updated.
  3. july 26 - im currently out of state so i did a walk in biometrics in oklahoma. july 27 - my i485 status got updated to case ready to be scheduled for interview. i have confirmed that my change of address was successful so the local office handling this is now san bernardino CA.
  4. I see. So i wont have any issues as well when i land back to california?
  5. Im based in California. Can i fly to hawaii or guam while my 485 is pending? No EAD or AP approved yet, all is pending and biometrics just got done today. Wanna know the implications to my AOS if i push through with my plan.
  6. Maybe youre one of those electronic filers or the lucky ones whose receipt number starts with IOE?
  7. Update for anyone wondering— received the email after 1 business day, or in my case, after the weekend
  8. Got a callback from a tier 2 officer and told me she will email me my biometrics letter. Impatient and anxious little question— how long after the call should i receive it in my email? Does it take hours or days? For those who have experienced this.
  9. i'd just put in N/A for UID then, and probably make a note why you dont have one. it's just a template response from their helpdesk anyway. case id is the NVC case number provided to you.
  10. UID - it's the number at the upper right of the screen when you log in to cgifederal. right next to "Logged in as email@address.com"
  11. I dont have the Documents tab. I believe thats only shows for electronic filers/receipt numbers starting with IOE.
  12. got my biometrics scheduled too finally. local office in San Diego / San Bernardino CA (had an ill-timed change of address) March 18 2021 - package received by USCIS April 10 2021 - NOA mail July 12 2021 - bio letter received (just saw in informed delivery and assumed) July 27 2021 - biometrics schedule i actually have no access to the paper mail of the bio appt as im out of state for 2 months so i had to call uscis to confirm and ask for the schedule. my next dilemma now is how to get a copy of that letter via email. the rep i talked to said another helpdesk agent will call me so i can get a copy online.
  13. apply sooner. SS offices require appointments and depending on where youre at, the schedule can be too far out so better call soon to apply for SSN.
  14. This is true, speaking from experience. Back in Oct 2020 I was emailing them both at the same as I was kinda expecting this ping pong response from them even if you explain clearly your request and provide evidence. They did, so i directly quoted their own expedite qualifications, and USEM finally approved our expedite. And short after received email from NVC that they’re shipping our case to Manila.
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