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    cheryl and i met a few months ago when I was visiting america staying with a friend, within a couple of months we realized that we were soulmates and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.We have now started on this long process of being able to get married, I just hope it goes through and fast as possible as we hate being apart

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  1. marknir

    N-400 June 2017 Filers

    Can someone please color me red as had my oath ceremony April 4th. Thank you and good luck to those still waiting!
  2. Could someone please update my information. My oath ceremony was this morning at 8am in Atlanta, 118 of us from 46 countries and at last my journey is over. Thanks to all of my traveling companions on VJ and good luck in wherever the future takes you.
  3. I have my oath ceremony tomorrow and I was wondering what address I can use when filling out the back of the appointment letter. I have a house at one address but am currently renting a room close to my work place which is the address on the letter. I would like to use my home address as this is the one on all my documents, Dl, Bank etc. Is this going to be a problem for me?
  4. marknir

    N-400 June 2017 Filers

    I got my letter today for April 4th
  5. marknir

    N-400 June 2017 Filers

    I can't remember but as my green card and driving license expire in 3 weeks, he told me to make an info pass appointment so they could give me an extension and renew my DL. Unfortunately it seems quite difficult to get a date. There is a ceremony tomorrow buy he had no idea of when the next one is although they have already sent the letter which I am waiting for.
  6. marknir

    N-400 June 2017 Filers

    When did you have your interview? Mine was last week (Thur 15th) I received and update yesterday that my oath date had been mailed so I am waiting for every post as it arrives, lol.
  7. passed and was recommended for approval Atlanta field office! good luck to those who are still waiting! the question were: what is the rule of law what major event happened on sept 11,2001 what ocean is in the west coast of the US What age do you have to be to vote in a federal election what is the name of the national anthem Can't remember the other one but interview was relaxed and friendly, no surprises and the only document asked for was a certificate of conviction from 1992!
  8. Hi All I just wanted to share a recent experience I had regarding my N-400 interview. As everyone knows there is a backlog of applications and seemingly endless waiting for an interview date. I applied more than 6 months (June 13, 2017) before my GC expires and was getting worried about getting naturalized before the expiration date, so on January 12th 2018, I emailed the White House explaining my situation, possible job, driving license and home ownership concerns. I got an immediate reply and thought that was probably all I would hear from Mr Trump. To my surprise I got an update on Feb 16 advising my that my case had been forwarded to The appropriate Federal Agency for further action. I then got an email from the USCIS customer assistance Unit. Acknowledging receipt and advising the matter would be investigated per Robert Genesoni ( Chief of customer engagement center). As it happens, I had already got my date in March, notified Feb 7, but I was very impressed that my email had been forwarded by the White House and that action was being taken. I don't know if the fact that there was a White House inquiry helped speed the process up but I am very satisfied that I was not just ignored. Good luck to all still awaiting interview dates.
  9. marknir

    N-400 June 2017 Filers

    My details are now correct. Thank you and congratulation on your new status! Hope to join you soon.
  10. marknir

    N-400 June 2017 Filers

    Hi There My updated stats have disappeared from where they were?
  11. My Priority date was June 12. 2017 so approx 9 months to interview date. It very much depends on the waiting time at your local office.
  12. marknir

    N-400 June 2017 Filers

    Hi All I received my interview letter today dated 02/08/18 and my interview is on 03/15/2018, please update my timeline. Good luck to all who have a pending interview.
  13. Hi All I received my interview letter today dated 02/08/18 and my interview is on 03/15/2018, please update my timeline. Good luck to all who have a pending interview.
  14. marknir

    N-400 June 2017 Filers

    Hey There, Congrats! I also received an email today that my interview has been scheduled. I guess there is someone working in Atlanta