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  1. TennantFamily

    No Letter? Murky next steps?

    @Nicola and Jordan ha thanks! Mystery solved; embassy sent our letter to the wrong address. Fingers crossed we can retrieve it and move on with the process!!
  2. TennantFamily

    No Letter? Murky next steps?

    @TBoneTX no idea what that means but ok! lol
  3. TennantFamily

    No Letter? Murky next steps?

    @Nicola and Jordan what is an ACRO? Sorry - we are so completely lost
  4. TennantFamily

    No Letter? Murky next steps?

    @Nicola and Jordan thank you, so you are saying you can book your medical without having this letter? Because per the website: You may schedule an appointment by telephoning 020 7486 7822 Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You must quote your case number (begins with the first three letters of the post – London is LND) when making your call. Appointments are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Please do not schedule an appointment unless you have received your appointment letter from the National Visa Center or, if your application is being processed by the IV Unit, you have been advised that your case file has been received in the Immigrant Visa Unit, London.
  5. TennantFamily

    No Letter? Murky next steps?

    Thanks @payxibka - that worked, it says 'Status Ready for interview.' But we can't book the interview until we have a letter?!? And we can't book the medical until we have some letter as well?? so confused
  6. TennantFamily

    No Letter? Murky next steps?

    Thanks @AnnaYT I just did that and it says No Status. What does this mean?!? Case was created November 22nd - thats all it says?!?
  7. TennantFamily

    No Letter? Murky next steps?

    Hi there! In a nutshell: application was approved October 11th, flash forward and case was sent from NVC to U.S. Embassy in London on November 28th. Its December 13th and we are apparently waiting on a letter that allows us to book the medical, and then the interview? This letter has still not arrived. Should we be concerned? Do we reach out to the embassy, or the NVC for the letter? The procedure is unclear as it says that we should start making all appointments, but that we need this letter (thats never come) to do so. A little lost - thanks for any guidance here!
  8. Hi all - just got a FedEX email notice of a mailed envelop from DSHS (looks like it is coming from my birth state, TX). Seems like this is related to our K1 visa application we submitted in March. Why would I be getting this, and not my fiance (beneficiary)? Did I miss something? Do I need to go for med tests as well? No longer a resident of TX so this seems a bit off. Out of town so won't get the letter until Tuesday - hoping someone knows what this is and can relieve my anxiety before then... Many thanks!
  9. Thank you! This is helpful. I wish there were specific info on this on USCIS website. Any links to that info would be helpful as well
  10. Hi all! Here is the situation: My Fiance is currently a South African citizen, living in the UK as a permanent resident, and in the process of completing his UK citizenship (he has completed his Indefinite Leave to Remain, and now is waiting on his Citizenship Ceremony and UK Passport). He began this process before we met, and thought it beneficial to continue even though he will be living here with me in the U.S. We just submitted our I-129F Fiance petition last week (3/16/18). On the application, we noted that he is a South African Citizen, and permanent resident of the UK. Questions: - Has anyone been in this same situation? What consulate did they make you go to for your interview? We are obviously hoping he will go in UK (London) as he hasn't lived in South Africa for 10+ years. - His SA passport will be invalid as soon as his UK goes into effect. Will they put the K1 in his UK passport (even though he filed as a SA Citizen)? - Has this caused anyone delays? Will they make us re-file after he gets his UK citizenship. A bit worried and concerned this may slow down the process. One attorney told us it is fine, that he would just wait to make his Interview appointment until he had his UK passport, and they would put the visa in that one. Meanwhile, while we wait, he will be traveling on his South African passport. I hope this makes sense and thank you in advance for your help!