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  1. I had my most recent 3 paystubs (so 9/1, 9/15, and then 10/1 which deposited early), as well as tax returns from 2016/2017/2018. Basically everything that you sent in with your I-485 AOS package, you should bring with you (copies for them to keep). If you have proof of assets for 2019, I would bring them, but seems like all 2018 info would suffice. They were way more concerned that I had a stable job and have been paying my taxes than anything else. That and make sure your medical is all there (we had an issue with ours; the local doc didn't fill out all the pages so its delayed us). Finances and Medical seemed to be the top concerns. I would honestly just bring every item you have showing income, and then joint finances/marital name changes, etc. Hope this helps!
  2. Hi all - we had our AOS interview yesterday, thought I would add info if it helps anyone: - They were primarily concerned with tax returns and paystubs, all of which we had and presented. - We were only asked where we got married (and half-way through explaining, agent said he had had enough info). - All of our photos/albums were reviewed, but not questions asked. They did keep a few photos from our wedding (which we have duplicates of). Overall it was very simple and painless; we hope to get the Green Card within the next few weeks! Hope this helps!
  3. Cool; so assuming we will have an answer by mail? Learning that online case status is pretty useless.
  4. Went online today and had the following update: " Your request to have your case expedited, referral number ### was completed." Is this an approval? Anyone know what it means?
  5. Hi there! Our AOS interview is scheduled in a few weeks; yay for us! My husband moved in with me and my roommate when his K1 was approved earlier this year. My roommate and myself are on the lease (apt manager seems to know he is here, but hasn’t confronted us). Its my understanding that if I add husband to lease, they can/will raise our rent (its already astronomical here in SoCal). Question: if we have ALL other evidence for our interview (joint accounts, wills, photos, bills, my new last name on legal documents, life insurance policies, etc.) can we leave him off the lease, under the idea that we’d be moving soon anyway once he is working? Will this be a deal breaker at AOS interview that he is not on the lease? Surely many people live with parents, friends, family, etc. ? If he is on everything else - will that suffice as evidence? Possible questions they may ask about this? Obviously trying to avoid paying more current rent before we are able to get our own place once he is working. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi there! May I ask what kind of company you received an offer from? Non-profit, big company, etc.? Thanks in advance!
  7. Well, thats why we are on VisaJourney - for tips and advice. We clearly never received the I-797 (I work from home, get mail daily, and haven't left town for year). So to your "lol" I'm so glad you did everything perfectly and find humor when others are trying to seek help.
  8. We do have his alien number! Literally everything but the I -797 that says it was approved lol
  9. Thank you! I cannot be the only person confused about the wording on the website. Regardless, we don't have the I-797 in hand so I hope we don't get an RFE for it. We have literally everything else, our case is very straightforward. Thanks for your help here!
  10. Checklist of Required Initial Evidence for Immediate Relatives and Family based Preference form I-485 Applicants: Documentation of immigrant category, such as a copy of Form I-797, Approval or Receipt Notice, for the Form I-130 filed on your behalf (unless you are filing your Form I-485 with the Form I-130 filed on your behalf) So is this only required for people who did I-130??? What would be Documentation of Immigrant Category for us (Form I-129F)? His I-94? Really appreciate your help here!!
  11. Ok, so we are thinking we need it for the AOS package- you are saying we don’t?? Which would make sense because obviously we were approved, he moved, and we married within 90 days. I feel like everything I’m reading says we have to send in a copy of I797 approval notice with his AOS application; hence the freak out
  12. Not trying to argue, just saying I never got anything other than I797c and am not understanding how we could have made it this far without the I797.
  13. Ok - still very confused how he got a package, interview, visa and was able to come to the US all without showing anyone an approval notice....
  14. Also, he could have made or gone to his interview without an approval notice, so it doesn’t make sense that I would have it, not known about it, and he shows up at his visa interview without an approval notice??
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