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  1. My husband and daughter went for the I-551 stamp last month. Her passport expires in November. Her passport was not stamped. A card was stamped and inserted into her passport that is removal. The agent stated this way when the passport is sent to the embassy for renewal, my daughter would still have her valid stamp for the new passport.
  2. We have been waiting since June 2019. My husband and bonus daughter arrived in April 2017. We are going for the 2nd infopass stamp this week. It's great that you are going for an interview and not still waiting.
  3. We received the paper copy of the receipt notice on 4-19-21. It's at the Potomac Service Center. I also received a notice to sign up for the online account. I did that. Hopefully the process will go a little faster. Now we are exercising patience. Have you received anything yet?
  4. We filed for my step children on March 19 and received the texted Official Receipt Notice yesterday. We mailed the petitions.
  5. You will not get anymore hits on your credit if it is within 30 days from the last time your credit was pulled for buying a home.
  6. VeVe

    JA COVID -19 Act

    My husband went down in the end of January for his grandmothers funeral. He had to go with a negative COVID test and have the approved travel JA authorization form. He did not need to put an app on his phone, but he did give them a contact number where he was staying. He quarantined for 14 days at his mothers house. After that he was good to go about. He attended the grave digging, set up and gravesite funeral while wearing a mask. When it was time for his return, he took the COVID test on a Friday and flew back to US on a Monday and also had to complete an authorization form for US. We are not in a state where he had to quarantine for 14 days upon return. I am not sure what the requirements are for Certified Hotels. My daughter was going down to an all inclusive hotel but she said there were to many restrictions and changes (staying on the property, no mini bars in rooms, etc) so she did decided not to go.
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