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  1. I had to schedule at a different office I waited months before I tried this and it worked… got an appointment a within a week….
  2. Hello, our EAD card was approved and received. I requested a social security number by selecting yes on question # 14. By mistake I did not select yes on question #15. I filled out all the other information. Does anyone know is a social security # will still be issued? I called my local office and they said yes although the form says no. Does anyone know which is true. thanks!
  3. My 485 and 765 are required to be sent to two different address... should I still put it all together....
  4. Hey I am in maryland too... did you have an appointment or just showed up?
  5. Yes they are just looking at your documents and every time they look at it the case date with update... it may take them 2 days to review everything.. may take them 30 days it just depends on your case... I learned the hard way that patients is key.. and not checking the ceac website every second(at least what I was doing HA) relieves the anxiety 😀... GOOD LUCK
  6. it was march then it was cancelled by the embassy before COVID and rescheduled for june that was cancelled because of Covid.. then I was able to expedite and that appointment was September 30th!
  7. Yeah their email responding sucks they only respond to a selected few... can you call NVC? Or UCSIS and speak to a tier 2. Someone has to be able to reach them.. or get your congressman involved. sometimes when I resend an email I sent previously and state I am still waiting on a response on the below email they respond I cannot wait until I am done dealing with the embassy they are extremely frustrating at times.
  8. Have you tried emailing them? Or maybe reaching out to NVC.. what I am seeing is that it’s most recent and not rescheduled which is unfair!
  9. any good news anyone??? mine is still the same.. I contacted my congressman since it has been more than 60 days at this point.
  10. You can only contact them through email.... some they respond too some they ignore.... I have learned to keep emailing them and I get a response
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