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  1. I think the issue is the airports are not allowing international flights. Like if a visa is granted and there are no flights out what is the point. My personal opinion once the international flight begin to happen in your country the embassy opening will follow soon after... just my personal opinion..
  2. How was you able to get an interview... Are they open or did you have an emergency situation?
  3. our interview was march 12.. we were cancelled because something administrative happened at the consulate.. they reschedule us for June 1st and we just received an email that interview is cancelled... with no reschedule date
  4. They said administrative reasons after I sent an email asking them to explain.
  5. Hello, my fiancé interview was scheduled for tomorrow and we just got an email saying it has been rescheduled to June 1st... how can they do this.. is there anything that we can do?
  6. Hello Again, So my USIS NOC2 said that my visa approval expires 2/22/20 but the only appointments available begins 03/12/2020. Do I need to ask for an extension? If so how do I do that? The Lagos Consult ate sent me an email on 01/09/2020 saying they received my file. Please help
  7. So now everyone has not convinced me that I have received my NOA2, but shouldn't this be updated on the USCIS website. When I type in my Receipt # it still just shows that they received my original application. I am so freaking out!
  8. Thanks! they just treated it fast on their own..... I am not complaining about it I am just shocked because I was expecting a very long process at USCIS
  9. Hello Again, So I submitted my K1 visa application and got the notice that it was received on 09/23/19. On 10/23/19 I received a notice that said the application was approved and that it is being forwarded to the consulate..... IS THIS FOR REAL!!!!!! I have called NVS and they said they have not received the file yet from USCIS yet and that it can take 6 weeks. That was the status as of Friday. I guess my question is this for real am I missing something... the first paper I got was just a white paper but the one I received on 10/23 is like a greenish document thicker like official.... I am freaking out.. is it possible to be approved that fast! Please help
  10. Hello All, Long time reader first time poster. I have a quick question. I got my NOA2!!! I put on my application that I wanted the interview to take place in Abuja. But I just realized that Abuja does not process K1 visas.... How do I get NVC to change from Abuja to Lagos. Any help will be appreciated.
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