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  1. Hey guys, is there a guideline to creating an online account on embassy website for visa pickup? Help!!
  2. I'm also waiting for an answer to this question. Is a fresh Police report required, even if it's less than a year you got it?
  3. How long do you think it will take to be approved and get interview date?
  4. @dwheels76can someone send an expedite request to nvc even though they've already been DQ'd. If possible how can the person send the request and how long does it take to be approved. Thank you.
  5. When do you think october ending to first week of November DQ's will get IL for Nigeria?
  6. hmm, so Nigeria consulate has already sent ILs for december? Does NVC consider priority dates while scheduling interviews?
  7. Hello, is the petitioners original documents like birth certificate, marriage termination paper etc, a requirement for interview at consulate?
  8. I'm waiting too, got DQ on 1st November, hoping to get interview date any time soon.
  9. OK, i saw that on the news, Didn't think it will hold. Thanks
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