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  1. I claim this... I shall reunite with my wife.. Amen
  2. This wait isn't easy... Depression is eating me up.
  3. USA consulates and Embassies will resume routine visa services.. https://twitter.com/TravelGov/status/1282675565527470082?s=19
  4. Abuja Airport reopen with full service.. I'm praying that Lagos Consulate resume work ASAP too. http://saharareporters.com/2020/06/27/abuja-airport-reopens-after-three-month-lockdown
  5. People on this site have been very insensitive lately.. Why didn't your spouse not move to you? why bother waiting to naturalize? Would you want her to forget about her pending surgery and try to get across border in this pandemic? OMG
  6. This is almost my case with my wife...it seems that they are deliberately keeping couples with good intentions apart.. It's depressing.
  7. Thank you.. This pandemic is delaying everyone's visa journey...
  8. I was replying the other fellow.. That wasn't my parent post.. Well your words are very helpful.. (sarcasm)
  9. OMG, if only you would read.. I have fulfilled that purpose and submitted a joint sponsor and they have accepted that.. Kindly read my question again. It's not up to to say who gets a visa or not without understanding my question..
  10. I'm through USCIS and NVC stage without problems.. And i don't require any joint sponsor because my wife makes enough... I think the V.O wanted to delay me intentionally... How, what are the processes? My question please
  11. Hello, how is everyone making out with this lock down? It isn't going great for me.. I heard about the emergency visa and i would like to get help on how to apply for one.. My spouse visa was under review since February 2020, after my interview which i was told to submit joint sponsor, and they accepted it and within a week, they requested for our chat log which i sent by march 3rd before the lockdown started. And since then, the case has been updated many times of which April 30th was the last date.. The reason for this emergency visa is because my spouse is going in for a surgery, she already had similar surgery in january which i was hoping that i could be with her by February. Can i get an emergency visa to go be with her to recover through this surgery? as she lives alone and has no close family or relatives who can be with her? I'm so sad...
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