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  1. There are alot of chances that her status might change into issued tomorrow.
  2. Can you tell me when did you submitted your documents as my case went from refused to administrative processing two days after I submitted my documents.
  3. My interview was on 26 july 2019 same situation as yours, how many updates have you got, whats your last update date? And have you submitted the documents using courier or uploaded on ceac?
  4. They are replying to few people but it’s happening to many people, even I’ve sent almost three inquiries on which instead of replying they just updated the case date on one inquiries and for rest of two inquiries they didn’t even updated the case status date. even i sent inquiry via ustraveldocs and no reply till date.
  5. Thanks for this phone number tip I’ve called them and they’ve said that they will respond within 72 hours via email and let me know about my status.
  6. No updates as of now just one update on 20 august that too when I emailed them and they just updated the date without even replying.
  7. Thanks for the number i guess its karachi embassy’s number, yes second option on 221g is marked only. how many times they’ve updated your case?
  8. Interview was on 26 July at Islamabad embassy, all went well but they needed latest IRS transcripts so translator handed me 221g and said that you have to follow instructions on this paper to submit/upload documents on ceac and you will also receive an additional questionnaire. 1) I haven’t received any questionnaire till date(which people says is a good thing). 2) interviewer asked to submit documents on ceac while following the instructions on document and on document instructions were to submit documents via courier/pickup point. 3)we have two cspa in this case and I’ve read it’s mandatory to aquire visa within one year of visa being available and our visa was current in January 2019. 4) status on ceac shows REFUSED instead of administrative processing some says it’s good some says its not when i called nvc they said your status is administrative processing. 5) submitted documents on 28 july and sent two inquiries that if they’ve received documents or not but no reply. 6) on 221g its mentioned that contact after 2 months for your case status which i did and they didn’t replied. anyone else in the same boat as of me? what is the direct email of Islamabad embassy for inquiry instead of that inquiry form? any suggestions from seniors?
  9. Why our status is refused instead of Administrative processing? Same happened to me interview was on 26 july, they are not even replying to mails
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