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  1. Quite encouraging..I beleive soon will be here with a testimony.Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the insight.will check my resume. I will keep going.Thanks for encouragement!
  3. Oh thanks a lot.let me check it out right away.Im ready to start from the bottom,I understand it can not be same as my country..
  4. Human resources. I will keep positive and not be too choosy..I believe once I know the systems I will climb my way up.Thanks 😭I will keep on applying. Thanks
  5. Hi members..How long did it take you to settle and find a job here..I'm in texas.Came through cr1.its been 2 months two weeks and not been successful getting a job. It's a bit frustrating!
  6. Thankyou for your reply...We have been married for 2 years but I got approved for a cr1 visa and landed here in October...so does that qualify us since i have not lived here last six months?
  7. Hi vj family.I got here mid october 2019.So is it okay my husband to file our tax returns as married or he should not include me and my son who is his step son.?
  8. Waoh..this is awesome..Just got here a week ago.I would really love this..I will try out I'm in houston.
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