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  1. Yeah I didnt want to risk not being able to fly and my visa running out. It’s really difficult and challenging, most companies like I would have imagined have freeze their recruitment. So looking for work it’s really hard, I guess we will have to wait until everything is back to normal. The SSa office in my state is open, they just practicing social distancing so no appointment.
  2. I have been waiting for 2 weeks for my social security number so I decided to call the office today. They couldnt find me on their system and ask me to complete a SS5 form and send along my passport. Does anyone had to post their passport to their local SSA office?
  3. Thank you everyone who has given me advice. I made it safely to USA, they check my temperature in Nee Jersey and United did encourage social distancing when sitting us down. Now I am just waiting for my social security to arrive and wait to finish my quarantine for the next 14 days. Stay safe everyone
  4. You are actually distracting this thread, could kindly excuse yourself from this thread. You are providing unsolicited advice and putting ridiculous meme, that I do not care for
  5. Thank you for your advice but I prefer not to risk for my visa to run out and start the process again with all those fees. Personally financially I cannot afford it and nobody know how long the virus will last. So i would suggest to every member who have their visa in hand to travel as soon as possible.
  6. Hi , I am due to catch my flight tomorrow from London to Omaha. I have IR1 visa but I was unable to check in using the app for my flight due to insufficient documents. I tried to put my visa details but it wont let me. I will now have to check in at the airport and hope all goes well. According to Trump declaration spouse of US Citizen are allow to enter the US. Did anyone fly this week with this visa, just looking for advice here?
  7. My visa expires on 24 August, I was due to flight on 25th May but I am happy to push it. I saw online that spouse of US citizens will be granted entry even there is ban.
  8. No you have to wait for interview date before schedule a medical exam
  9. Hi everyone! I had my interview today at the London Embassy. The officer asked me quite a lot of questions compared to some of my fellow brits on this forum. I was asked the following question: what does my husband do for work? Where does my husband lives? How did we meet? When was the first time we saw each other? When did he proposed? When did we get married? Who came to our wedding? How often do we talk? When was the last time I saw him? She also asked to see some pictures of my husband and I (Thank God I came prepared with pic!). She finally said I am happy to tell you that I am going to approve your visa. So overall I was not asked to provide a DS-5540 at all(there was no mention of it during the interview). Now just waiting to collect my passport with my stamp on it. Planning to move in end of June coz I have plenty of stuff to do it here before I leave. I have been waiting for 2 years since my hubby filed in December 2017 as a green card holder and then we upgraded in August as an American Citizen. This forum has been a blessing in many many ways, I want to say a huge Thank you to everyone. Although this is over for me, my son’s file is still stuck in Nebraska so 😢, hopefully soon he can join us.
  10. The london embassy responded please see below. They do not require the form , however the consular officer might ask for it.
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