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  1. right, i was more curious as to whether i should do it and have it ready and on hand, or wait for the next step (biometrics) and/or interview to be scheduled before doing it
  2. the aos process already started, i didn't include the medical part
  3. Wow, i guess then it's better to wait until you have an interview date or at least after biometrics in order to do the medical? Seeing as how it's valid for two years but the process can take up to 1.5yrs.
  4. if you don't mind, can you share your timeline for those of us that are still pending? when did you send your package in, when was medical, when was interview etc...
  5. @mbssss do you know the average wait time for the next step? is the next step the medical, biometrics, interview? kinda not sure of what to look out for now
  6. I got my text notification yesterday evening! Expecting the receipt sometimes soon. Alright, alright, alright! Now the waiting game...
  7. I don't remember, i think it got there on the 14th. When I sent the first package I used the fastest delivery option and paid almost $40. This time i wasn't in a hurry so i chose the slowest option for $11 and it still got there in a day.
  8. Damn, i'm behind the curve! I couldn't get to my folks' house until last night so i just compiled everything today. Gonna write in the ACS number now that I have it (saw it on the 485 receipt).
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