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  1. Thanks - Expect more stupid questions for 485 , 864, 765. I am finding it hard going
  2. Guys, In part 3: It says intended departure, is this just a rough estimate? I mean I want to go back and see my parents, shall I just say September 1st 2020? I know it sounds daft, I just want to get it right. SB
  3. THANKS Thank you - updated my records now......
  4. I have searched the forums to see if anyone has managed to get an SSN - I'm on a K1. I need one for a drivers license - etc..... SB
  5. I made it across last Friday. No issues at all - grumpy staff at Miami - took about 20 mins in total. London-Amsterdam-Mexico City-Miami-Nashville. We had a great WhatsApp suport group. I was in an Air BnB for 15 days and never left it - bar a shopping trip for food.
  6. Great news. My POE is Miami. Hoping to get a similar experience. Well done!
  7. True, remember that Mexico is Central America though, not South.....
  8. Quick one for clarity - somehwere on this thread it mentions it but I cannot find it. Regarding the 14 days.... if I landed in Mexico in the 28th May - can I fly on the 11th to the USA? 28 29 30 31 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 - over 14 days? Thx SB
  9. Yeah, I have. With 1 massive holdall bag and one medium holdall bag for cabin.
  10. I'll call tomorrow. Damn I didnt see that it was a requirement only for those that have it - thats good Thanks
  11. Thank you - I'll see what I can do. Problem is - for Nashville - you submit the request online - then files is centrally no matter what county. https://secure.tncountyclerk.com/marriageform/marriageform.php and HERE: http://www.nashvilleclerk.com/living/marriage-license/
  12. Quick one - I hope. How does one apply for a SSN (needed for a mariage license) - when the offices are shut? (Covid) Can you do it online ? I have tried to look... (Tennessee Offices) I filled out my SS5, I have my passport, with Visa, I have the I-94 in hand..... ( I dont THINK I need anything else) Any help would be great.
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