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  1. I waited about 2 months after my interview after getting that status to receive mine. I also emailed them after the 1month mark wondering about it, and they said to wait 90 more days, so in total, they have about 120 to actually make a decision. So you just gotta wait it out.
  2. Congrats! But about this part, you probably didn't get an RFE for it because Biden removed it a few months into the new year, and it became useless for when we all submitted it, and is now no longer needed again.
  3. I got that status, and waited about 60 days for them to finally approve it. I contacted USCIS around the 1month mark, and they told me to give it another 90 days, so, they probably have a max of 120days. You gotta just wait it out and see. And yes, it super sucks lol
  4. from your past posts (since you dont have a timeline) looks like you applied in June, Id still give it a bit mine was about 5-6ish months, you're on the 4th month, so, keep patient!
  5. I had that field office. I applied for AOS in September of 2020. (ignore the k1 one on my info, it weirdly never fixed to what it should be). I then received my bio letter on Jan. 30th 2021 with an interview date of Feb. 17th, 2021. Whether or not they're still at this speed is really up to all the covid stuff going on.
  6. Depends on the ASC.I know someone who is in CA, who submitted in September 2020, and got their bio in like November, but is still currently waiting on their Interview. Their status is Case Ready for Interview. So, it really, really depends. Mine was a late bio, but I got my appointment 2ish months later, but that is because I have somewhat a fast ASC.
  7. Yeah, I live in NC, and it was $499 with any vaccinations I may have needed since I didn't have vaccination proof. It would have been about $300ish if I didn't need vaccines though.
  8. As someone who did this last year, and now has the greencard in hand, you can totally do this if he's okay with being bored not working, or being able to leave the US until the AP comes in. I was at the P4 stage of the whole process when Montreal embassy just closed back in March 2020. And came to visit in May, assuming by the time my trip was over (planned for August) it would be open and ready to go. I was wrong. Saw on this forum that people did AOS while and were fine -- I had no idea it was even an option at the time so I did not plan for it. So I stayed and adjusted. I told my work I was done(they kinda knew I was waiting on visa things, so was expecting it), and had my family mail most of my things to me. For me, I had to mail Montreal to withdraw my petition (I never heard anything back though.) And the only thing that came up in the interview was he noticed I had an approved NOA1 and asked what happened, I explained it, and he was good with the reason -- it was the first time he had someone who did it so.
  9. Update! So, 56 days later of my case stuck at 'Interview Has Been Completed and Case Must be Reviewed', my greencard is being produced and has been approved! Now I just have to wait for the mailed status, and I won't have to worry about the process for awhile. Still hoping everyone else's case moves along faster too!
  10. I had mine in Raleigh on May 7th, it's almost 2 months and nothing. I sent in a service request, and they just said to wait 90more days. Our interview went well, and the officer said a few weeks -- guess he's bad at estimates?
  11. So I put in a service request for my status of 'interview completed and case must be reviewed' cause it's been over a month, and almost about 2 months, and they just said to wait 90days. I talked to other people who had it at the same location, and their card was produced the same day, so I'm not sure what's up with mine if the guy said everything is good and to expect it in a few weeks... So that's fun.. I'll let you guys know if I hear more.
  12. I took my passport and marriage license, since passport didn't have my married name.
  13. No update yet for me, online still says 'Interview was Completed and Case Must Be Reviewed'. It's been a whole month. How long do they need!? The guy did say I'd get it in a few weeks, maybe he was crazy, lol.
  14. The SSN comes from the social security office, not USCIS, so it'll be separate in the mail at some point.
  15. It really sucks about his situation, but along with the above advice, I do believe you need that document so you can come back in so it doesn't affect your AOS. It would suck to start all over, and coming back without it, and doing AOS will probably be frowned upon, since you cannot enter with the intent of adjusting. Also - side note-, Canada has crazy quarantine requirements at the moment. Gotta get tested before you leave, then a mandatory hotel quarantine for 3 days, then tested after those 3 days, then 10 more days at some place where you aren't putting others at risk. And they do check up on you, by either showing up, or phone calls. And then tested again before coming back. It's why I am even waiting to go back to Canada to pick up some of my belongings, its crazy doing all of that.
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