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  1. When they asked for your birth certificates, did you give them copies or the originals, and did they keep them? I feel like I have everything ready for my interview on Friday (May 7th), but the only thing I am missing is copies of our Birth Certificates.
  2. My AP status changed when my EAD card went to 'Case Approved' -- which is the next status after the one you currently have.
  3. If you go online, it will still show up. https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/#/recent-search Print that - Thats your I-94. That is what they want.
  4. My I-131 didn't say case approved until the EAD one did, (which is the next status you should receive before it gets mailed).
  5. Figured I'd post here even though I changed from K1, (IDK why VJ's thing never changed for me, but anyway) and anyone else who's ASC is Raleigh. Timeline: Arrived at Lockbox: September 24th Cheques Cashed: October 8th NoA1 texts: October 11th NoA1 Mail: October 17th RFE(for I944): January 19th Received Bio Letter: Jan. 30th Biometrics Date: Feb. 17 EAD/AP Card Produced: April 5th EAD/AP Case Approved: April 6th EAD/AP Card Mailed: April 7th Case Ready for Interview: April 8th Interview Scheduled: April 9th EAD/AP Card Received: April 13 SSN Received: April 16th Green Card Interview: May 7th
  6. Update! My SSN has come in! 3 days after my EAD/AP came in the mail. And my Greencard Interview is on May 7th at 10am! Now I gotta start phone calls for my medical!
  7. I believe biometrics are heavily based on your local ASC. According to this, it seems like its taking about 160 days, you can always call and ask though. (if your ASC is what your timeline says) https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/aosstats.php?history=90
  8. No idea honestly. I changed it to 'other' and it never fixed itself, lol
  9. I did not. If you looked at my timeline, it says I didn't go forward with the k1. So I never did it.
  10. Yeah, I'll probably just do that. Dont really want a RFE for that after an interview lol
  11. So, I have my case finally ready to be scheduled (as of last night). However, I never sent in a medical. I never even received a i693 deficiency notice. Do I still need a medical? Is it waived? Will the letter come eventually? Has anyone been in this situation?
  12. Another update! My case is ready to be scheduled! However, I never sent in a medical, and never received the letter of deficiency....are they still gonna send me that letter? ...
  13. I live in NC, I just got my vaccine today. I don't have any of my things either, they didn't ask for ID either. It depends on your state, but if your group can get it, you should be fine to.
  14. I finally have an update. My EAD was approved yesterday April 6th. Now I just gotta wait for it to be mailed, and eventually the SSN so I can actually work again!
  15. How long do you all think it would take after an RFE is received by USCIS to continue processing case? I sent in the RFE for the i944 (like a week before they decided to tell ppl not to), and I havent heard anything from them yet (other than they got it). I had my biometrics Feb 17, and my ASC is Raleigh, and yeah, haven't heard anything, not even my letter for medical that I didn't send in. Looking at past cases for my ASC, people get their greencard appointment a month and a bit after biometrics 😕
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