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  1. Weird, so they're only doing calls?! I only get back August (or earlier if embassy opens and lets me schedule my interview) but I was wondering how they actually check up on you, it's good to know.
  2. Well, I took a flight Wednesday, said I told them(airport customs) it was to visit fiance, no other reason, and I was only asked regular questions (where, why, how long, where do I work etc). Nothing mentioned about essential/non-essential. Guess it's up to the border guys. I called my airport customs, and the border a day before and day of my trip, they all said it was fine. So I took the chance, and now I'm in the US until August. @DGF @HRQX
  3. tbh Im not super sure. I know of someone that did and it was delayed, but at this point everything is delayed. Idk how long DS160s are good for. Just make sure to keep confirmation # of the DS160 because you will need that for the Packet 3 because they ask for the number, and proof of submitting it. Worst case, you will just have to fill it out all over again, but I'm not super sure. If you want, there is a Canadian FB with people who have gone through the process and you can ask there. Ill DM you the think.
  4. So, Ive been hearing a lot of people saying Canadians can visit the US, so I looked it up and found that the border closed thing, is only LAND based. https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2020/03/24/2020-06217/notification-of-temporary-travel-restrictions-applicable-to-land-ports-of-entry-and-ferries-service --3rd Paragraph from bottom https://help.cbp.gov/s/article/Article-1596?language=en_US --scroll down to canadian restrictions https://ca.usembassy.gov/travel-restrictions-fact-sheet/ --First question of Q&A They all say we can fly there. What do you all think?
  5. You are doing a K1 right?---And you're in Canada (just guessing by consulate you put in) You basically have to wait for NVC to ship it, and wait for your case to say 'Ready' twice on this website: https://ceac.state.gov/ceac/ (if youve been watching the date, you'll see this change in the date ---click check my visa status, but ignore anything in the box, it doesnt pertain to us) Once its at the second 'Ready' that is when Montreal sends out the P3 to either you or the beneficiary (or both) -- when you get that, that is when you submit the packet 3, and the DS160. After that they send you p4 to schedule your interview (that normally takes a few days) HOWEVER. The embassy has been closed since March 18th ish. They're backed up with not only cancelled interviews, but EVERY single case that has been sent to them since. If I were you Id check that website (choose immigrant option even though I know we aren't, and put in your MTL# to see what it says, and then go from there). But at this point, you have to wait until they open. I personally tried emailing them the other week cause my NoA2 expired 2 days ago, and wanted to make sure it'll be extended, but you only get an auto-reply. Edit: Based on the dates you have in the timeline, I'm going to GUESS that its sitting in the pile of all the other received cases from the NVC, and will eventually be worked on when the embassy decides to open it and go through all the stuff theyre backed up on. Just make sure to be checking that date on that website for it to change again. Cause that is when they will send the P3.
  6. That isn't official yet. In Trudeau's speech today his answer to that was there was no official announcement yet. I still think it's gonna happen, but definitely not official yet. Maybe there will be some other plan put in place, who knows.
  7. I agree, it's like everyone thinks all the Embassies work the same way. Just like they think the process for K1s work the same for everyone, and it doesn't. At this moment, for me, I just want the Montreal Embassy to open to process interviews, and then have the US border open, I got unlucky and sent P3 in the day before they closed or something close to it No possible dates suck! lol
  8. Montreal is not sending any P3's or P4's out at the moment as they are closed. You're gonna have to wait until they open for them to start sending them again. Which means, NVC is gonna ship it to them, but its going to sit there with alllll the other ones waiting for a P3, and they will go by date received -- once they open and start things up again.
  9. The CEAC website. That's where you check it. That's what I told you to check. ceac.state.gov -- make sure to choose immigrant in dropdown list even though we are technically non-immigrant You should have been checking that the moment you got the NVC number.
  10. Have you checked ceac's website since the NVC forwarded it? Did it ever say in transit? Or ready? Once it gets to the embassy, it gets the first ready, and then you will see the second ready when the date changes. The second ready is when Montreal sends you the packet 3 checklist. So you should check the CEAC website to see what it says. Edit: My case also left on the 3rd, and showed up in Montreal on the 5th. I had 2 readys after that and sent the packet 3 in....of course though, the embassy closed and never got packet 4, but you should be in the same situation. -- unless there's something weird going on of course
  11. It's normal to have the 01 MTL after it. Don't worry about it.
  12. And it's like that because it's the only way to book your medical. With packet 4 saying you can book your interview. Medicals are also cancelled /on hold at the moment too. I sent you a DM @RPete to a Facebook group for Canada, tons of ppl in there that have gone through it/are going through it. You can search through post history for in-depth instructions if needed.
  13. Actually, Packet 3 is just a checklist you send them a few days before for all the info you will bring. Montreal Embassy does not let you schedule your interview until you get packet 4, that says 'You are now able to schedule your appointment.' -- doing so before gets cancelled.
  14. Send it after the 2nd ready (cause thats when it gets mailed/emailed to you). Good luck getting P4 though, I sent my P3 a month ago, and since the Embassy is closed or w.e. I haven't received P4. -- Neither has some people in the Canada FB group/other people on here either. -- And normally after sending in P3, you get it after 2-3 business days.
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