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  1. Many thanks. YES it's really early, - but I am process driven, I just MUST understand all the things as best I can. I hope I am not bothering you too much.
  2. I mean - she will have to POST it to me - in the days of electronic forms.
  3. Many thanks ALL of you. I can still DRIVE though? On my own license? OK - I wont wait I'll do it ASAP at a court house and get the ball rolling. We were going to to this anyway. Great support guys - thanks.
  4. I'll be OK with that I think. Savings etc. Why would anyone LEAVE then be re-admitted? What do you mean "drive on the K-1"?
  5. So - my Fiancee fills out i-134 and I take it to interview? Seems odd, how do I get the form to take?
  6. "...and it is kind of surprising that you're at the stage of filling out the I-134 without knowing about that. You may want to research this visa thoroughly...." Yeah thanks for that - thats the whole point - I am WAY ahead of time gathering information. This is the research. I don't need it for 6 months.
  7. Many thanks! Yes I am aware I don't fill it out to send of - I am filling out a DRAFT so that its all correct. I am neater and better at admin. She'll send it out the real deal. The work permit, I'll admit I didn't know that. So thank you. Significant savings, depends on what significant is. Is $20K significant for 3 months? Either way - I should (she should put) DOES NOT INTEND - If I have savings that are good enough for 3-4 months. Like "Letspaintcookies" says - no one is furnishing a room for me or buying clothes etc.... I don't mind what I out - I just want to get it right.
  8. Hi there, I am Max, in the UK I am getting on top of FORM i-134 and have a few queries.... QUESTION: 1. The household will be my FIANCEE'S parents - who live there with her. So the FULL TIME occupation is THREE (3) - HOWEVER , she has 3 children (9-11-14) who are there 3 days a week. What is the correct way of stating the household occupancy? - I believe she is NOT the MAIN CAREGIVER. 2. If a JOINT SPONSOR is required - where on the form i-134 do you add this information - so it is taken into account? Just use the SPARE PAGES at the back? 3. FINALLY - Question 38 (I DO/DO NOT Intend to make specific contributions etc...) - I am not sure what to put here - as I will be working (intend to in IT) and want to take nothing from her. I expect to find work fairly swiftly. Your replies will be welcomed. Many Thanks Max
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