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  1. They didn’t give us a time, on both my husbands and sons passports they stamped them and she wrote IT UK on it. Now sure what that means?? She didn’t write a date or anything in it. The stamp just says the date that we arrived
  2. Ok I have never travelled before so just wondered. Thank you! i read back and yes I just said “immigration” so i didn’t make it clear enough that I was referring to the UK immigration in my husbands case
  3. Just 3 weeks so far.. but wondering about Uk immigration for my husband AND US immigration for me… at the Dublin airport they scanned our passports etc and our flight itinerary.. will they say something if we stay longer than the 3 and a half weeks we stated at point of entry.. and then when I go back to USA will I be questioned or I’m fine because I have my greencard
  4. It has nothing to do with it but I asked two separate questions… we are in UK now and planning to stay longer then we said at point of entry… I’m asking if the UK border will have something to say about that THEN I asked about me travelling back there ….
  5. Hi. I posted before about coming home to the UK with my husband (us citizen) after he was refused entry(refused with not enough ties to the USA back when we were dating in 2016) we travelled through Dublin as there was no direct flights to glasgow. We had a hard time at immigration but they let us in without “referring” us as the immigration officer kept mentioning. I showed enough ties to America as I now live there with him and work there and we have a 3 year old son. And I went prepared with documents that I would have used if we applied for a visa. i did want to ask though, we are currently home in Scotland and due to go home next Monday but wanted to extend for another few weeks. My grandad is terminally ill. And I am not ready to leave yet(he’s having end of life care). I’m worried we leave and he passes when we are leaving to go back home to America will we have trouble with immigration again? The officer on the way in scanned all of our passports, my greencard/ licence. And our flight itinerary. i mean we have every intention to go back to the USA we have made a life there. We just want to extend our time here for a little bit. Both of our jobs know. for me travelling back to the USA. This is the first time I’ve traveled since getting my greencard (10 year card). Am I going to be questioned at point of entry too? thanks in advance
  6. Ok so the 8 digit USCIS number?? Do I need anything else for travel or just the greencard and my passport
  7. I don’t have a visa on my passport I just have the greencard
  8. Hi! Can anyone tell me where to find the greencard number? We are traveling on Wednesday and I am filling out info for the airline and it’s asking for the greencard number. There’s a number on the front but that says USCIS number I also didn’t mean to post this in this section Sorry I don’t know how to move it
  9. Hi is there anyone on here who knows anything about UK immigration? I have been in usa living with my American husband since 2017.. in 2016 he was denied entry to the UK. After 5 years I am finally able to go home for a visit. My husband and son will be joining me. But I am worried about my husband possibly being denied entry again! Can anyone suggest anything or even any UK immigration forms that I can use? Usually Americans don’t need visas to enter the UK but in this case I am worried. We are planning to go asap to visit a terminally ill family member.. thank you in advance
  10. Hi guys been a while since I’ve been on here. I’ve had my greencard since December 2020. I haven’t been home in 5 years and I just recently found out a member of my immediate family is very sick with cancer. As a greencard holder how long is an acceptable time to go home to your home country?(uk) also I didn’t know what section to put this question in. Has anyone as a greencard holder went home for a long period of time ?
  11. Yes. I overstayed for 2 years before sending the paperwork.. I know people who overstayed for longer and there was no issue. The immigration officer literally said “you overstayed your esta?” I said yes, he put a line through the question and moved on to the next.
  12. august 19 2019. Mines changed to ready to be scheduled October 19 2019 and then I got interview notification November 3rd 2020
  13. I had my interview on Tuesday and I was worried about this too.. someone on here linked one of my posts about how my interview went. I was worried coz I came on esta and then I overstayed for 2 years before filing! I took proof of my return ticket, then of my new ticket (I extended my stay to juet before esta expired but then stayed). The officer said “you overstayed your visa waiver program?” I said yes and he moved on. As long as your marriage is real and you can prove that you’ll have nothing to worry about.
  14. I had my interview today in newark, nj! My appointment was 9.45 it said on the letter you would NOT be allowed in any earlier than 15 minutes before your appointment. We got there half hour early so sat in the car for 10 mins and then went in.. when we walked to the entrance there was a massive line around the building to get in!! Ofcourse I panicked thinking they wouldn’t take me. Around 10.10 am we got in the building went thru security and then went upstairs to check in, after another 20/30 minute wait the officer called us. He was extremely nice from the beginning. He took us down stairs and told us to wait another 20 mins while he reviewed our case. When we went in he asked for any joint documents / photos etc. He looked thru our photos and just spoke like it was a normal conversation asking how we met etc. He asked us each other’s full names and birthdays. Asked my husband when we got married and then the yes/ no questions. I was worried as I overstayed my esta but when he got to the question about if you ever violated terms and conditions of your immigration status he just said “and you overstayed your esta?” I said yes and he moved on... he didn’t approve on the spot but told me I can apply for citizenship in 3 years and said I would get greencard within a month “if all goes well” and gave me a letter saying it was being reviewed. I tried to give him updated tax forms and he said “ you know what I don’t even need it I know this is a real marriage, you guys have a kid and you’ve given me enough evidence” Just patiently waiting to see if it’ll be approved any time soon! just wanted to let people know that it is a very very scary thing to do but just take a deep breath and be yourself!!
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