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  1. They are saying if everything goes good they plan to try to start opening june 4
  2. I was adopted at 5 years old by my dad. My last name changed in the united states. no way to get original bc. I applied in 2013 for my sons father and had no problem with the application. Never put my birth name on it. He was denied because he was here for more than a year and banned now for 10 years. I have found a wonderful man in same country and just filed again. But no worries about putting your birth name on the i129
  3. K1 not K2. Read and post everything here. You will find a lot of answers here.
  4. Dont do the visa couch. I am writing a paper now on individuals representing themselves as immigration specialists and take a lot of peoples money. A K2 is very easy to fill out. They have instructions and a checklist what to send. I am on my second K1 visa application because my fiance is banned for 10 years but has 8 years already back in his country so I am hoping this time around.
  5. I have a question about that. I filed a I129F in 2013 for the same fiance. Am I am supposed to put him on there? It says for any other person what I remember. He was denied because he was banned for 10 years at his interview.
  6. Ok need some help. I filed for the I129f for my fiance back in 2013 but he was denied because of being banned for 10 years. I am filing again because the 10 years is almost up. But we didnt file for his 2 daughters to come on the first time. But now i am filing for the 2 daughters aged 19 and 14. The 19 year old is pregnant. Is the baby qualified also. She is about to have the baby in december and i will file right after. Am I allowed to file for her since she is pregnant. Or is her baby disqualified from having papers. I have been their step mother since they were young.
  7. They usually tell you in the office why it is being denied. Whether it is we dont think it is a true commitment or in my case he is banned for 10 years since being illegal. They kept all of our documents that was in 2014 and our case just was administrative closed because i never filed the next form.
  8. Thank you for the info. Yes I have the intent to marry and so does he but it is open if we go separate ways again then who knows. I was not sure if I had to file for a k1 visa again or if it would be possible to file the I601.
  9. We were denied 5 years ago for a K1 visa because he was here illegal for more than a year. We ended up going separate ways. Our application went back for review in February 2018 and it is just sitting in review. Can I still file for the I601 waiver for ground of inadmissibility or do we need to file for a k1 visa. Every time I check the status of our first k1 visa it just says still in review. I have never stopped loving him. No it is not fraud. I have not seen him in 5 years but it would not be hard for me to go see him because I fly free. we have always stayed in contact for our son.
  10. Being in a 3rd world country there is not much of a future. Does he want to be here. Absolutely. Was it a genuine relationship. On my part yes. Am I saying he is a good man. No he wasnt. But things can change. I have just never seen a case go back for review after 5 years.
  11. I have enough income to unfortanly never to receive any help ha. And meeting him in last 2 years is no problem. I know exactly where he is. Have i seen him lately no. Its been 5 years. But flying free is not hard to have a renuion if thats all it would take. Thanks for a response.
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