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  1. That’s great! And when did you receive the text/ email saying ‘interview has been scheduled’?
  2. I just received messages to say my green card interview has been scheduled... does anyone know how long it takes to receive the notice via Mail? I have a trip planned in April so I’m curious if it will affect that . Also, does anyone advise to have both names on mortgage etc? We have joint bank account and medical insurance and a couple of utility bills but not sure if we need more than that for the interview.... thanks
  3. Congrats! Please let us know once you receive the notice for the interview date in the mail, I just received that update too and want to know how long it will be until the interview... I have trips planned and may have to rearrange 😬. congrats again!
  4. That happened for me too, so I’m not sure why My USCIS updated a week earlier than the normal site to tell me it was approved though. Congrats!!
  5. Hang on in there, it will happen soon. Be sure to check your status on MY USCIS site, i did this and found out mine had been approved for a week and didn’t even know as it hasn’t been updated on the main site. Good luck
  6. Keep logging in to MY.USCIS at checking your status there I did that only to find out mine had been approved a week ago but it just wasn’t showing the updated status on the normal status tracker. Hope you get it soon
  7. I just checked my I-765 status via MyUSCIS account and the status is now ‘new card is being produced’ as of January 18th!! I would suggest that you all keep checking you status by logging in to MyUSCIS as my status was never updated on the normal status tracker I-131 is still as ‘case was received’ but I hope that’s normal... hopefully will get my combo card soon
  8. Does anyone have a NOA date over 154 days?
  9. 160 days here... I feel your frustration! Good luck
  10. 154 😟 I have a feeling it’s going to happen soon though!
  11. Does anyone know if the AP allows you to re enter the US more than once? I’ve tried looking online for this answer but can only find old info, so not sure if it’s still relevant. Thanks. Still waiting for duo card... fingers crossed it happens for the rest of us soon 💕🙏
  12. Yes, still waiting too! Driving me crazy 😩. Enjoy the holidays
  13. Congrats! Did they update your status online? Or did you just receive it in the mail without notification?
  14. Wow, word for word I’m in the same situation. It’s so tough. I hope this gets easier once we can drive and go to work. And travel to our family and friends. Good luck let’s try to stay positive
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