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  1. So even if her check was cashed out already they will still reject it?
  2. Long story short, my friend's 2-yr GC expires on 11/22/2019 but she already sent her ROC application last week so she's 2 weeks early. We were expecting that her documents will be returned to her but just this week her check was cashed out by USCIS already. Does this mean that they accepted it and will not gonna return it anymore?
  3. Hi, Me and my husband has a joint savings bank account for more than 2 years now but we don't really use it anymore. There's only like less than $50 in that account but it's still active and open. We do have a joint checking account and credit card account that I'm going to send together with all other required evidences. My question is, is it okay to include monthly statements of our joint savings account even if it doesn't have any money there? Or the joint checking and credit card, etc are enough? Thank you very much!
  4. This is very helpful. With the state tax returns, is it the Form 1040? Didn't know I would need to add that when I already have our tax transcripts but I'll do. For the additional suggestions you have given, we don't have any of those joint, my DL shows our old address and his shows the new one, the rest we don't have at all. For the legal documents, I will look that up and I'm interested in doing one. Me and my husband are on our 20's and we were once told that a will is not really a thing for us now, but I would love to check that out for more evidences specially the Healthcare Directives, never heard of that. Also, I love the idea of providing at least 1 statement quarterly four our bank statements and utilities to show the entirety. Thank you very much. This would help us a lot.
  5. I've read similar cases long time ago. You can ask your parents-in-law to write a letter for you stating that both you and your husband live with them. Of course, make sure to have all the other strong evidences, like the joint financial stuffs or documents that would verify that you and your husband live in the same address. As long as you have that then there's really nothing to worry about.
  6. Following this thread. Will send mine this Friday. Goodluck to all of us! The waiting game will start soon.
  7. I would appreciate everyone who would read this long post but I want to be extra sure before sending my file. I have a checklist of the evidences I am going to enclose with my ROC, can you please tell me if I'm good to go or still need some things to add or remove? Here's the list: 1. Benefits Statements from me and my husband's employer showing each other as beneficiaries (Life Insurance, Vision, Dental, Basic AD&D and Critical Illness)- no joint Health Insurance since it's cheaper if we're paying separately which makes no sense but ok 2. Joint Phone Service account 3. Joint internet bills 4. Joint tax transcripts(W2 included) 4. Joint lease agreement 6. Travel and Vacation Itineraries 7. Joint checking account 8. Joint credit card summary 9. Pay stubs showing the same address 10. Photos w/ friends and family & Wedding Pics 11. Sworn affidavit from friends & family (not notarized but I included copies of their driver's license) 12. Cards from friends/family ( we only have 2 cards since most greetings are through facebook/messenger/email)-is this ok? Thank you so much for taking the time to read and thank you in advance for your answers!
  8. I've gotten several answers and inputs about this. Me and my husband got married last 2017, to my understanding, I would only send our available tax transcripts for ROC for the years that we are married which are 2017 and 2018. My friend told me that I should send the 2016 too because USCIS requires 3 years, however another person I know told me it should only be for 2017 and 2018 since that's the time we're married and filed jointly and that 2016 wouldn't show my name at all, I wasn't here in the US yet. What is your best take in this? Should I send 2 years for jointly filing or include the 2016 which is for my husband only? I would appreciate any answers.
  9. Appreciate your answers. Yes I have more than the required evidences. Thank you very much.
  10. Good day! I am currently preparing my documents for my removal of conditions and just want to know if Sworn affidavit verifying bona fide marriage from friends and family needs to be from U.S Citizen? Most of the people who know me and my husband even before we were married are not citizens of the U.S and was wondering if it's okay if they sign for me? Any answers are appreciated. Thanks
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