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  1. The bank statements I have do not differentiate what card swiped what..? Are you telling me on your statement it tells you what user swiped it? Is this for a debit or credit? Mines debit.
  2. From what I have seen, if you cannot provide anything after 87 days, your case will be denied and you will have to apply again... Did you talk to the court over the phone or in person? I would go in person and explain the situation to the court, see if they can give you some sort of letter...I hope everything goes well for you. Can you please tell me what they asked in the interview? I would really appreciate it
  3. You are good, this is very common. I am doing it myself. One question because I am so curious, HOW DID YOU GET APPROVED in 3 months for 2 year? I'm just having a hard time understanding that. People wait 1.3years. Does it depend on what state you live in?
  4. How long were you guys married for and how long after your condtional GC you were divorced? I personally think you should be okay, everything seems normal here. PLEASE DONT FORGET TO UPDATE US in 2-4weeks
  5. I am going through the same. Divorcing my spouse. My lawyer made my spouse write a affidavit but she kind of said some mean things but my lawyer said it doesn't matter. He wants me to write one also. The lawyer notarized it. I have too much riding on this and have no room for mistakes so I just hired a lawyer. I personally do ;t see an issue doing this without a lawyer but if there were an interview, I am glad I have him. During my i485 interview, a lot of officers knew my lawyers and they were saying hi to him by his first name. That made me feel comfortable.
  6. If you don't mind me asking, what was the age difference between you guys and what are both of you guys nationality? That's crazy how they asked you those questions
  7. Can you please explain your interview experience and what extra documents they asked for? Thank you! Wish you the best
  8. How did the interview go? What did they ask? Hope all is well and stay patient!
  9. I understand. I just want to have a backup. So can I request a stamp while I am waiting on the extension letter to come in the mail or no?
  10. That's sad to hear he did that to you. If your name is on the property, you can use thay against him because it's technically yours too and have 50% right to it. Not saying you should but you should try keep every proof you have with him and yourself for roc
  11. Thank you so much. I will be filing with a divorce waiver very soon. My wife is salvadorian and I am brown. She does not want to live with my parents and I told her if we are buying a house we have to but she does not agree. Thats just one issue tho
  12. I am about to apply for ROC. How can I get a I-551 stamp? If I get the extension letter, I am not allowed to get the stamp? If so, I should get the stamp before my extension letter comes? Please let me know.
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