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  1. Hi Yorkie62, I'm a fellow H-1B to AOS filer. Just interviewed yesterday and got approved! Yes, the process takes a while and there's a lot of paperwork to file, but 2 great things for you to get married and file now are: 1) You don't need to file I-944 (Declaration of Self-Sufficiency) any more. It's a huge relief since there are so many documents you need to support that form. 2) Technically the pandemic is still here, so you can have a very small wedding with just the 2 of you + justice of the peace, and it saves a bunch of money on reception party too! We decided to wed 1 day before our actual wedding. Just keep in mind that IO don't like to hear that you are planning to just marry on the paper now and will have a "real" ceremony later. I see an abundance of evidence for a bona fide relationship here. We submit very much the same documents for our case (joint lease, joint credit card/bank statements, beneficiary for insurances, trip details + about 10 photos + some short caption/narratives about our story under the photos, etc.) . I don't think you need third party affidavits, my attorney said those are often too short for their purposes, and your case seems to be straightforward anyway. Also, you might not need an attorney. Many people here DIY their files. For us, we collected all questions as we run through the forms, and searched/posted our questions on VJ, and then get maybe 2- 3 one-hour consultation sessions with an experienced attorney. Those were more than enough to get everything through.
  2. Hi everyone, We just interviewed yesterday at Hartford field office. Overall it was a very pleasant experience and after a few hours, my status was changed to "Card being produced". Today our status changed to "Case was approved". Good luck to everyone - you can do this!
  3. Hi everyone, I just want to update that on 3/2, my EAD was ordered and I received it about a week later (so about 3 months total after biometrics). Thank you to everyone who have input above, and I wish you best of luck with your process! If it worked out for me, your EAD card will arrive very soon too.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm currently on H1B visa valid till 2023, and have an AOS in process and an interview very soon. Do you know if upon AOS approval, by H1B will be cancelled/overwritten? My husband and I am going through a very rough patch in our relationship, so just curious, in the very worst case that we divorce (both my hubby and I still want to make our relationship work now, but who knows when he will cheat again), would I be able to return back to my H1B visa after AOS to continue my job?
  5. Hi all, Anyone here still waiting for EAD to be processed after over 1 month of biometrics? We submitted our AOS and I-765 on Jun 26, 2020 to National Benefits Center and I took biometrics on December 9, 2020. Our case status for EAD is still "Case was updated to show fingerprints were taken" as of today 1/25/2021. I checked Visa journey's average timeline and EADs summited on Jul 2 are being processed. I just want to gauge if our timeline is normal or not
  6. Congrats Kenm. We filed on June 26, 2020 and got case status as ready to be scheduled for an interview on Dec 15. Still haven't seen the interview schedule yet...
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