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  1. in our case its not joint sponsor its household member as in mother in law, do we still have to fill a separate I864 for her
  2. for joint sponsor a separate I864 FORM nd I864a?
  3. its just a confusion, if your spouse primary applicant for IR1/CR1 doesn't meet the requirement to sponsor the beneficary for this visa, nd the other sponsor is your household member what AOS form you have to fill then? in our case we filled I864 for the primary applicant i.e; spouse nd I864a for the house hold member. do we also have to fill a separate I864 for the household member?? if anybody know about it here please guide,
  4. its almost four nd half month since our I30 approval but still no response from NVC. i wonder is it normal
  5. We didn't receive the transfer notice for i29. But on the site it shows that It was transferred. So we don't know exactly where it is.
  6. We have filed our I30(IR1/CR1) in March 2019, and in Feb 2020 we filed i29. Our I30 which was first at Nebraska transferred to Vermont on 11 feb 2020. We filed our I29 on 12 Feb 2020, before we got news about the transfer of our I130. So later on our I130 approved in July 2020 ND so far is not received at NVC. I just wanted to ask, is it I29 which we filed in Feb 2020, that is delaying the process. If so how we can ask USCIS to close the file for I129. Please help.
  7. if you also have filed i29 alongwith i30, nd i30 is approved but you have not heard about i29 so far, then what to do?
  8. but there are some case no which are moving really fast, why so
  9. How long does it take NVC to respond after the approval of one's case at USCIS! my case status changed to sent to dept of state on 20th July, ND on 22nd to your case approved, after that I haven't heard from NVC, or receive any mail or email. Is it normal, because it's gonna be almost 2 months now since my case approval. Recently I contacted NVC through public inquiry email ND they said they haven't received my case yet, nd when I contacted Vermont centre they said they have already move our file to dept of state. In this situation what someone should do.
  10. Our case status first changed to moved to dept of state on 20th July, then on 22nd July status changed to your case approved. It was really strange. Because case status normally first changed to approved ND then to moved to department of state.
  11. Did cal Vermont, they said your file has been transferred to NVC,it's not at Vermont centre now. So after waiting for 45 days as mentioned on the approval letter 'wait for 45 days before you contact NVC' I send an inquiry email to NVC. but NVC response was that they have not received the approval notice of our case yet. So in this case what we should do.
  12. it has been more then 45 days since I 130 approval, but no update from NVC regarding new case no. so i contacted nvc through public inquiry form, nd they replied they have not yet received approval notice from USCIS center. while in the approval notice it was mentioned case is transferred to department of state. so i wonder where is our file now. for IR1/CR1 it took 480 days just for approval nd after that no further update. i dont know whats wrong.
  13. It took so long for my case to get approved, I wonder if I am the only one who have to wait this long. My priority date is March 2019 😑
  14. My case i-130 transferred to Vermont from Nebraska on 11 feb, got RFE in March and respond to that on 11 may. Case status changed to case transferred to department of start on 20th July then changed to case got approved on 22nd July. Can someone plz guide what it actually mean, where is my case now at deptt of state or at Vermont centre
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