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  1. Hey everyone, Does Islamabad, Pakistan embassy accept joint sponsor for K1 visa? I heard some embassies deny joint sponsor for k1. Also, has anyone got their K1 approved from Islamabad Embassy using a joint sponsor? I've been at school for 4 years and I'm graduating by the end of 2023, so I don't meet the requirement yet, but I can provide a joint sponsor. Thanks,
  2. @Mike E Thank you for responding. Does anyone else have any other idea??????
  3. Thank you for responding. So, I visit her in the native country and we get married virtually through Utah county? Would this be acceptable for USCIS ?
  4. Hey everyone, I'm a US citizen. I was born and raised in a 3rd world country. I am planning to marry my fiance who is also a native of my home country and then file CR1. Here's a problem that is bugging me a lot. I had my name changed when I naturalized in the US, but the name change is not recognized in my home country. In fact, there is no such law in my home country that allows you to change your name after you are 18 years (Kinda Sucks!!). So, If I go there and get married, they will put my OLD name in my marriage certificate. Here's an example of how my name would reflect on the documents: Legal name before naturalization: Tom Jerry Current legal name: Jerry Something Name that will be on our marriage certificate: Tom Jerry I do have my court order showing the legal name change along with my naturalization certificate. Do you guys think having my OLD name in the marriage certificate will cause any issue? Has anyone been through a similar situation while filing for CR1? Thanks for your help!
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