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  1. My wife just had her interview for the IR1 Spousal VISA last Wednesday, Sept 28th, at the U.S. Embassy in Manila Philippines, and her VISA was delivered Saturday Oct 1st. •She NEVER received anything in the Mail concerning her Immigration Case. •I however received the receipt for filing her I-130, and I believe when it was approved. •Everything these days is done online through CEAC or email.
  2. With a K-1 Visa it can take anywhere from 3 to 8 months to get your travel document (advanced parole). If you leave the US without that travel document you will not be allowed back in and your green card will be denied. DON’T DO IT!!
  3. The K1 was quicker pre-Covid, but now in most cases it takes longer than the CR1. CR1’s are now being processed a lot faster than pre-Covid.
  4. Since you have been together five years already, being married for only one month before you file for the CR1 will not be a problem at all. Online marriages are not a problem as long as they are consummated before you apply. Sounds like you have ample evidence of a bona fide relationship, but I don’t know of any way to expedite the process.
  5. But don’t they frown on granting spousal visas when somebody comes on a tourist visa and then decides to get married while they are here, basically bypassing the normal process? If everybody did this there would be no need for the K-1 Visa. And I surely would have brought my wife to the US if it was that easy to just Marry her here and apply for the adjustment of status, but instead I followed the process as you are supposed to and we have now been married two years and she is still there in the Philippines
  6. The commitment ends in 10 yeas. or until the recipient EITHER: 1) becomes a US citizen 2) earns the required # of Social Security credits 3) leaves the country I don’t know what attorneys you’re talking about that make a lot of money going after somebody because of an affidavit of support commitment. •••A sponsors responsibility is if the intended immigrant is to take any form of federal government aid. In that case it will only be the federal government coming after you not some private attorney, and that’s IF they decide to come after you. They don’t always. It’s not as if the immigrant is going to get some judge to award them a lifetime of support from you because they’re too lazy to get a job and care for themselves. That’s not how it is.
  7. Under the circumstances with Covid, and considering he has a tenure green card, I think you will be OK. But I would probably check with an attorney just to make sure.Under the circumstances with Covid, and considering he has a tenure green card, I think you will be OK. But I would probably check with an attorney just to make sure.
  8. Contact your US senator or Congress person. They have liaisons that help their constituents with problems like this. I think the final decision was up to the interviewer, so I don’t know why he is sending it for further review, but if I was you I would contact one of your representatives ASAP. Just explain that because of the Covid lockdowns you got married at the earliest possible opportunity and should not be penalized for that. Good luck! 😎✌️
  9. Don’t be distressed! It’s not as bad as it sounds. Since Joe Biden took office I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that they I don’t really go after anybody, and I don’t understand why they are still having us fill out that I-864. But let me ask you this, how would you feel if your decision caused your daughter to move to his country? I think that should concern you more.
  10. Hello Everyone! The NVC asked for a couple of more Documents for my AOS. •I haven’t submitted them yet because my Wife wants to make sure I can get back to the Philippines in time to fly to Manila with her for the Interview. One of the reasons we’ve been waiting is because we were hoping the Philippines would ease up on the restrictions and the quarantine times on entering the Philippines, but it’s not happening. ••• Can anyone tell me the current estimated scheduling timeline, once you get approved by the NVC, to the scheduling of your Interview? I want to get this filed, then schedule to get back to the Philippines in time to accompany my Wife to Manila. Thank You in advance.
  11. Tell your wife that you’ll commit to buying your mother-in-law a plane ticket once a year to come visit for a couple of weeks. And if that’s not enough commit to buying your wife a plane ticket to visit her mom for a couple of weeks every year also. That’s much cheaper than supporting the mother-in-law full-time.
  12. Tell the sister to look for an American Husband. I’m sure if she’s smart and has a good job in Columbia that she could attract a decent man here in the US.
  13. That was my mistake Paul & Mary. I chose the wrong option from the drop down window. I just saw the CR-1 and didn’t even notice the DCF. Thanks for pointing it out to me.
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