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  1. well, in our case the enrollment window to add my husband to the health insurance was just 30 days after the life event. He couldnt get the SSN that fast, so if we didnt make up the number, he would have been without the insurance till next year. I think this is one of the gray areas, where HR doesnt know enough of legal requirements. Fraud of making up SSN would be if he applied for federal benefits, filed taxes etc. In this case it is just a number for tracking, like an employee number. I am the main person on the insurance and obviously am willing to cover whatever expenses he encounters for medical care.
  2. I added my husband with a random number. SSN is not required for the health insurance. And our HR are aware of it, so it was actually their suggestion to just make up some 900 number.
  3. we too!!!! this is awesome! now I can stop hitting refresh on ceac page.
  4. I am doing the same! Once I saw people start posting that their status is changing to "in transit", i am checking CEAC website obsessively.
  5. Thanks, Greenbaum! I am not sure if we will get any packets, since we were able to complete the medical already, and DS-160, even while the case is still at NVC. Now just waiting to see when it ships out and then scheduling the interview appointment. Latvia has short wait times, i saw average like 11 days from the day the case arrives at the embassy. I guess it is good to be from a small country!
  6. Got the case number! Now to the next step, waiting for the case to be shipped to the embassy. It is exciting when things start moving faster at this stage. Waiting for NOA2 seemed to take forever! :)))
  7. Hi, Effy! you have the wrong month in your timeline for when the case number was assigned. I guess you are already focusing on May!
  8. Just got an email that our case has been updated on the new uscis site. NOA2 date 4/22/2019. The old site shows no updates. So excited!
  9. Glad to be joining January filers. We sent the package on January 24th, it was received on January 25th. Got the text message from USCIS yesterday with the case number. Now the waiting begins. Good luck to everyone!
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