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  1. I was born in Seoul and adopted in the US and don't have a birth certificate. I submitted my adoption decree and naturalization paperwork and they never asked about the birth certificate.
  2. Mmmmmm.... no I think I clearly implied that I paid $40 or $50 for the vaccinations. No one is arguing whether or not you can get them for free. What I'm not sure is why you are so upset that others attach a different value to money. I make a sufficient income that I prefer to pay $50 for the convenience of just everything done at once in Ho Chi Minh rather then messing with it getting it done for free here in the US. If the value of that amount of money is so important to you that you rather make a different decision regarding vaccinations that is great for you. My personal decision is I rather pay more for convenience because I can afford to, and because I want to. If you don't want to, more power to you.
  3. If you do get the vaccine in Ho Chi Minh City (we did), make sure your fiancee gets a copy of the vaccine record and keeps it. When we applied for our adjustment of status, for whatever reason the medical exam got sent to the USCIS but it did not include the vaccine record. Fortunately we brought a copy to the interview with us. I personally would just get it done when you get the medical exam done in Vietnam. Up to you whether saving $40 or $50 is worth the hassle of doing it in the US for the AOS later.
  4. I believe that is not for the address for your packet 3. They are referring to if you want to authorize a third party to receive your passport/visa after it is approved. What I did was once the NVC mailed the packet to the US Consulate, I just called the US Consulate in HCMC customer service # and verified the phone#, email address and mailing address they had on file for my then fiance. If it is incorrect or you want to change the address you can just let them know over the phone.
  5. Go this link here: https://www.ustraveldocs.com/vn/vn-iv-kvisa.asp This page has all the instructions and links you are looking for. It gives you step by step instructions of what to do from the time the NVC sends the notice letter to you that your packet is getting sent to the consulate.
  6. My wife come over on a K1 visa but her friend did a marriage based visa. Took her 1 year 2 months from the time of application to the time she set foot in the US.
  7. My wife lived in Ho Chi Minh at the time. I believe it was about 10 days after the US Consulate received my packet that my fiance got her packet 3 in the mail. They have changed the process a little since we went through it in May/June of 2019 though.
  8. On my wife's I-129f packet, her father's exact birthdate is unknown. We just made up a month and day, and then in the back of the application added an explanation.
  9. In regards to #3, once my packet got sent to the US Consulate in HCM by the NVC, I called the customer service # at the US Consulate and verified the email address and address they had on file for my then fiance.
  10. My wife is big on posting stuff to FB, so we brought a bunch of print outs of her FB page. Out of the evidence that we brought to establish our marriage, the FB stuff is probably what the interviewing officer spent the most time looking at. We also had a joint checking account, a joint lease for renting a house, and a car title jointly in our names. The interviewing officer only asked 3 or 4 basic questions about where we got married, if she had met my family, etc. Almost all the other questions consisted of the interviewing officer reading and verifying my wife's info/answers on the I-485. All in all it was a pretty easy experience!
  11. We filed our AOS in August 2019 and had our interview 19 Dec 2019. She got her green carr in the mail around 5 January. So the entire process only took about 5 months from start to finish through the Des Moines Office. We filed for her EAD and Advance Parole at the same time and she got that card in the mail around 11 Dec 2019. Her interview was in the Des Moines office.
  12. Hi! I'm actually located in the booming metropolis of Dubuque lol! I'm glad she took care of your husband's SSN. Did you have your interview yet?
  13. For a K1 visa you don't send documents in to the NVC. Rather, you take them with you to the US Consulate when you have the interview. That said, I'd definitely get a start on getting your documents together. I think the police record check took the longest for my wife (then fiancee) to get done. If she was married and divorced before, she will need a copy of her divorce certificate, etc. My wife got all her documents together while we were waiting on the NVC to process our K1 packet and send it the consulate. Once the consulate had received our packet, we were able to schedule our interview within 3 weeks.
  14. There's a deadline in the sense that the underlying petition has a deadline, at least if it's' a K1 visa. Once the I-129f is approved, the approval is good only for 4 months though that can be extended.
  15. AndrewF


    I waited until my case was sent to the US Consulate from the NVC and was assigned a HCM case #. I did the DS-160 once the case was sent to the consulate but prior to receiving the PKT3. There's no advantage to doing it this early that I can think of. Once you need to create the US Travel Docs account and start the process for getting an appointment is when you need your DS-160 confirmation #.
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