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  1. Fiance had her interview on the 11th, was approved, and got her Visa delivered Monday the 17th. Today we just arrived back in the US This website has been an immense help. I hope everyone is as lucky as we have been!
  2. We did not have an engagement party nor any formal engagement photos. CO asked my fiancee during the interview why we didn't have an engagement party. Fiance said because we were saving to buy a house. Visa was approved.
  3. So, interview was Tuesday the 11th. AP status on the 12th. Issued status on the 13th. Was delivered by courier on Monday the 17th in Ho Chi Minh city (paid the 115,000 vnd for premium delivery) about 4 hours after the consulate handed to delivery company.
  4. Prior to filing the I-129f I made 2 trips for a total of about 25 days. Then for the interview I had made a total of 4 trips.
  5. We did not have an engagement party. 1 of the 3 questions that the CO asked my fiance was if we had an engagement party. My fiance said we did not have a party because we wanted to save money to buy a house the following month. CO said ok and approved her visa. I don't think not having an engagement party is that big of an issue and definitely would not spend a lot of $$ on one unless you wanted to.
  6. Went to an Issued status yesterday. Now waiting for it to get delivered!
  7. Yes based on the USCIS website i was expecting the I-129f to get approved around June. But, from what I've read on here, it looks like if there's no RFEs a lot of them are getting approved in the 3 month time frame!
  8. That exchange rate is a bit of a rip off. I just arrived here at HCM about a week ago and got an exchange rate at the airport of 23,300 vnd per USD or about 69,000,000 VND for $3,000. Just bring US cash and exchange it at the HCM airport. There are 3 - 5 currency exchanges that all offer very very good rates. Do not exchange it in the US or you will get massively ripped off. There are 2 currency exchange booths literally right after you clear the passport station. I've taken up to $1,200 USD before and never declared it. You have to put your luggage through a scanner when you leave the airport but its not like they are patting you down for cash at the airport.
  9. Yes fortunately we got approved. The CO only asked us 3 questions each and then approved the Visa.
  10. We created a big notebook of evidence for the interview, that included a timeline, plane tickets, visa stamps, photos, Zalo chat examples, etc. After I sat down and my fiance was interviewed alone, my fiance said the only thing the CO asked to see of the supporting evidence was some more of the Facebook print outs from the time after we were engaged. So, based on that, I'm guessing the FB was helpful for the CO. That said, I only submitted our FB as evidence because I'm very careful what I post (I'm an active duty Army Officer), and because I was sure it supported our application and wouldn't raise any red flags. Depending on what you have on your social media, your mileage may vary. We submitted the I-129F on 2 JAN. Was approved by USCIS on 12 APR. NVC received, processed it and sent it to the HCM Consulate by 15 MAY. Got the P3 instructions from the HCM consulate around 23 MAY (this gets mailed to the fiance). was able to schedule her interview on 11 JUN. So, just a tad over 6 months for the whole process which was much quicker then I anticipated. This was with no RFEs.
  11. When I submitted my I-129f I had 2 trips to Vietnam for a total of about 25 days in the country and the relationship was about 4 months long at that point. I think what was good about most of our relationship being captured on FB was that it provides a public narrative over time that's pretty hard to fake as her posts got a lot of responses from friends and dialog etc. My fiance have several other friends who have gone through the process with varying degrees of success. Where it looks like they may require more evidence is if the beneficiary already has a lot of relatives in the US or where they got married but then the petitioner didnt come back to visit that often. Then it can appear as though she may be using marriage as a pretext to get to the US. Also, I think it helps tremendously if you can attend the interview with her. When we went to my fiancee's interview, I was the only US citizen accompanying their significant other out of approx 12 fiance/spouses getting interviewed. My fiancee was chatting some.of.them up and she told me that many of them got blue slips requesting more evidence .
  12. I had the same issue trying to get through to the NVC customer service # at first. As soon as you hear the recording with the guys voice about high volume of calls, hang up and immediately redial. When you do get through, you'll know because it is a different recording. I called, got the recording, hung up and immediately re-dialed and after 6 or 7 times I was able to get through.
  13. When I went to my fiance's interview on Tuesday, I was the only US citizen there with their fiance/spouse for the interview. From what I saw, all the interviews were short (5 - 10 minutes). It looked like a lot of people got blue slips, including one woman who was there for a CR1 interview that my fiancee was chatting with in the line for the biometrics.
  14. I'm currently in Vietnam - just had a successful interview this last Tuesday for my fiance's K1 visa. Has been approved and issued. Just waiting to get it delivered. On the I-129F I wrote about a paragraph with some continuation sentences in Section 8 explaining the circumstances of our meeting in person. In addition, I attached 18 pages of supporting documents. 2 pages of copies of my flight tickets (actual tickets), and receipts from the hotels/airbnb. Then I also front-loaded by including 16 pages of screen shots from my FB and her FB pages which traced the progress of our relationship (posts of when we were together, declaring we were in a relationship, declaring we were engaged). Here's what I found as many other people have noted. If you provide enough evidence up front, the Consulate Officer will pretty much approve you before the interview based on what's in the I-129F. During the interview, the CO asked me what I did for work, how we met, and how many times I had traveled to Vietnam. Then she had me sit down and asked my fiance only 3 more cursory questions before approving her visa. She did not dig into the additional evidence we had brought beyond looking at some more FB print outs. The whole interview took about 5 minutes. So, I would definitely advocate for front loading.
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