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  1. Thanks, love! My fiance said it went really smooth and all the questions were common sense. He was able to get out the MLC Center within an hour, he mentioned how the receptionists were super nice but his officer was a bit intimidating but only asked a few questions lasting about 5-10 mins! Since I am a full time student and full time bartender I was worried about income requirements and supplied enormous amounts of evidence but they didn't ask once!
  2. After a long 9 months our visa was finally approved in Australia! Feeling so happy and relieved 😌
  3. July in Alaska would be perfect for everyone besides his sister because she is a full time teacher back in Australia and doesnt think she can get time off. My fiance has made it clear he wants her there so bad in September but thats a) close to the 90 days, b) not gonna work for either of our parents c) it turns into gross weather in Alaska. All my family lives in Alaska and are willing to put the entire wedding together for us but hes being so stubborn. I hate telling him to suck it up.
  4. I feel as if its a “who is sacrificing more” game and whoever wins gets what they want. If we are waiting 6-7 more months to see each other i would atleast want a wedding to look forward to and to plan. But is that too much of me?
  5. Not only are we delaying his arrival for his sisters wedding, he wants me to change our potential wedding date (july 29) in Alaska so his sister can come, but if we pushed it to September for HER, most of our guests couldnt come because of work, school etc. gotta love family huh
  6. I am so sorry to hear, I hope things start moving faster for yall! But i am such an advocate for holding onto that one date and looking forward to it, and I guess that concept has lost its value because we plan all these dates and they never seem to follow through. I hope to see him maybe in march during my spring break but who knows!
  7. I am strongly considering to go back during my spring break and take off work since I am bartender and can be somewhat flexible. My fiance however wants me to stay in Australia again from May-June which I would love to do, but my parents have planned a 2 week vacation in Florida and dont know how to break it to them because they would be very opposed of me leaving. Its a sticky situation.
  8. Throughout this process, the long distance has gotten to me because it was all i knew, but now its another degree when i hear how disappointed my fiance is about this entire situation. Thank you for the encouragement.
  9. There is a time in everyone's long distance journey where someone sacrifices something in order to be together long term. DISCLAIMER: I apologize in advance if I sound whiny or complain too much but I just thought I would express my raw feelings on the first morning of 2020. My fiance and I have came to harsh reality that we might not see each other for another six months. His interview is scheduled on Feb 5th but his sisters wedding is on June 29th (in AUS) leaving us no time to get accepted for a green card or advance parole in time to go back to Australia for the wedding. We both know it is the mature decision for him to stay in Australia even after the interview and wedding. This has been extremely hard because I know this is the right decision in the long run but I am having such a hard time dealing with it in the short run. This decision took me awhile to process last night but hit me so hard this morning and couldn't stop crying if I tried. Anyone in long distance knows how hard it is to be apart for so long, but today it just hit me like a ton of bricks.I know our relationship is very strong and will not break within this waiting period but I cant help but feel depressed at the fact I was counting down until February to possibly see him and now I may have to wait until June. I work and go to school full time so it so hard to drop everything and fly to Australia like I wish I could. We have been doing long distance for almost 2 years now and I dont know how to cope with it anymore (other than staying busy like I am now). I feel so drained and hopeless and cant seem to go on with my day without crying or getting out of bed. If anyone has any advise on this situation it would really benefit because we both feel helpless.
  10. thats what I have tried to explain to him, but he believes that having hope and staying positive for this Feb 14th date and receiving AP in time for the wedding will happen, but its stressing me out because I am trying to go off of statistics and a more realistic approach on this whole situation. And I highly doubt USCIS will grant us an emergency AP for a wedding, no offense to his sister.
  11. thats impressive honestly! who did you call and what reason did you give?
  12. Hello Visa Journey, My fiance and I applied for K1 visa and are coming to a close with an interview at Sydney on Feb 5th. All this should be exciting but I am no where near excited because of all this wedding planning stress along with the Advance Parole. My fiance feels so confident that he will be in the states by Valentines Day and wants to get married on that exact day in the form of a small elopement ceremony and dinner afterwards. He wants to get married the moment he comes off the plane so we can apply for Adjustment of Status and Advanced Parole in order to make it to his sisters wedding in Australia by the end of June. PROBLEM: Its VALENTINES Day (everywhere is probably booked) and its five days before my birthday (Feb19). Not to sound spoiled but I really prefer not to have valentines day an anniversary, and my birthday all in the same week for the rest of our married lives. Based on other timelines it doesnt look like Advance Parole isnt issued as fast as 2-3 months anymore, more like 5-6 months realistically. SO I suggested we get married on March 1st because I really dont think 2 weeks will make a difference on getting this AP approved. My fiance thought this idea absolutely stupid but I dont want to make all these plans and hes not here by Feb 14th. It is a gamble and I am not willing to plan a wedding on one of the most busiest days of the year for him not to be here by chance. Until he has a visa in his hands I dont want to make risky plans and claim a wedding date. March 1st seems more realistic but he thinks its insane because he believes those two weeks will make all the difference in getting his AP in time. If anyone else has advice, please share down below. Thank you
  13. oh wow thats awesome. I see that it only took 2 months for yall to get your combo card?!?! How did you receive it so quick?
  14. Just out of curiosity, has any of you expedited or been granted an emergency Advanced Parole while waiting for your greencard? If so, why?
  15. Just received Packet 4! They scheduled us an interview date on Feb 5th. Although, my fiance called the embassy and asked for a sooner date if possible and supposedly the agent put in a request for us! So we shall see! Still excited to say the least 😍
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