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  1. Sorry for the late response but my husband 3 times and talked to 3 different people! Thank you!
  2. Thank you!!! Wierd question, how was your experience flying Qatar airlines???
  3. It took 4/5 attempts to finally get a last minute response. We purposely put our intended travel date for last friday and heard no response, so we kept calling home affairs and finally reached someone who cared after 2 hours of being on hold. It was sad to hear that the supervisor didnt care about our case but we eventually got a hold of the most patient and caring representative on the phone who put our application on URGENT. Then within a few hours my fiance got the email of his exemption. This process was more mentally draining than the K1 process but dont give up! I wish you all the best! As in proof, we included both of our birth certificates, our US social security cards (he got one while studying abroad in the US awhile back), termination of lease, resignation of his job, wedding deposits, joint bank accounts, and links to the USCIS website to provide further information. hope this helps!
  4. ahHH SO exciting!! I'm glad everything worked out well with your flight and port of entry! My fiance finally got his exemption to fly out of Australia tomorrow night!
  5. My fiance has a scheduled flight out of Brisbane for next tuesday, june 16th and I cant help but worry about a rejection or late approval. The first attempt we got the standard email of home affairs stating we needed more evidence and the second one they denied us. We included over 30 documents and his visa is going to expire in july. I am feeling a bit hopeless and not sure what else to do. I guess keep on applying until someone gives a about our situation. It is so cruel how they are treating others.
  6. As said in original post, he has his K1 visa and has been issued it since February and it it will be expiring this summer. Hence, the question asking specifically if any aussie travelers have had any issues with the Australian government, not the US embassy about flying. We have already gone through the entire process through the US government now we are facing an obstacle with the Australian Government. I appreciate your help, however didn't not mean for the confusion I may have caused, but just trying to find out other peoples experiences.
  7. Hello! my fiance has a flight due for June 16 2020 from Brisbane (Australia) to Raleigh, NC through Qatar airlines. His K1 visa expires in August and was wondering if any other aussie visa holders have gotten approval from the Australian government to fly!?! We got a response from them saying they needed more evidence so we sent everything we could possible including joint credit card accounts, wedding deposits, citizen proof etc. I am just so nervous that he wont hear a response before his flight.
  8. Thank you Thank you! I just called Qantas and they did mention the MEL to LAX flights that are arranged by the government but the agent didnt go into much detail. I have been trying to get information online but I cant find much. I just sent my fiance the waiver application so he can leave the country, gosh i love when a pandemic makes long distance 10x harder haha
  9. I just have to ask, seeing from your profile, are you leaving Australia and landing in Chicago? If so, what airlines and did you need to fill out the exemption form in order to fly. My aussie fiance scheduled a flight June 17th through Qantas but I just called them and they said they suspended all international flights through July 2020. I am worried he will have no way to get over to America before his K1 visa expires in July.
  10. Thanks, love! My fiance said it went really smooth and all the questions were common sense. He was able to get out the MLC Center within an hour, he mentioned how the receptionists were super nice but his officer was a bit intimidating but only asked a few questions lasting about 5-10 mins! Since I am a full time student and full time bartender I was worried about income requirements and supplied enormous amounts of evidence but they didn't ask once!
  11. After a long 9 months our visa was finally approved in Australia! Feeling so happy and relieved 😌
  12. July in Alaska would be perfect for everyone besides his sister because she is a full time teacher back in Australia and doesnt think she can get time off. My fiance has made it clear he wants her there so bad in September but thats a) close to the 90 days, b) not gonna work for either of our parents c) it turns into gross weather in Alaska. All my family lives in Alaska and are willing to put the entire wedding together for us but hes being so stubborn. I hate telling him to suck it up.
  13. I feel as if its a “who is sacrificing more” game and whoever wins gets what they want. If we are waiting 6-7 more months to see each other i would atleast want a wedding to look forward to and to plan. But is that too much of me?
  14. Not only are we delaying his arrival for his sisters wedding, he wants me to change our potential wedding date (july 29) in Alaska so his sister can come, but if we pushed it to September for HER, most of our guests couldnt come because of work, school etc. gotta love family huh
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