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  1. I think will wait until end of this month if nothing then filed N400. It’s about 19 months of waiting for i751.
  2. I feel your pain. I’m the same boat and feel unlucky. It’ll be 5th anniversaries next April but I’m still waiting for 10 years green card. Thinking about to apply N400 but worry this will make me more nervous. I read someone haven’t heard anything after interview. I don’t feel I’m the lucky one who get combo interview and all approve or N400 will speed up i751.
  3. I filed in Los angeles and called them last week my case still in CSC.
  4. I’m the one who waiting too. I filed on March 2018 and biometric on May 2019 still never heard anything. Many people I know who filed after me already got approved. Very worry but nothing to do just wait.
  5. Hello! This Thursday I will start 18th month!! Still no update. The site stuck in “can’t provide information” try to not think about it but it still in my head all the time.
  6. Me too. My case was received on 03/22/18 never heard anything until now.
  7. I’m March filer still waiting too. I see someone who still waiting got RFE or interview. Mine is nothing the last action was biometric on May. I called USCIS and the answer is you are in the process time.
  8. Congratulations!! Thinking about filed N-400 but worry it will not combo interview.
  9. I got biometric 2 months ago still haven’t heard anything.
  10. My extension is expiring end of Oct. nothing happened since biometric 7 weeks ago. Still waiting.
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