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  1. Case sent back to the states and case was updated in January but still says refused. They said its still a chance the USCIS can re-approve and send it back to to the NVC and then the conaulate. Now there is a ban so im not sure how things are now since we wanted to just go ahead with the CR1.
  2. I had the same issue but with my K1 and we are planning Cr1 process. I spoke to a attorney (several) and they said a waiver could be done and there is a great chance of approval. I think your friends should way their options , stay positive and figure out what to do. Also do a lot of research about the waiver and the misrepresentation laws.
  3. Agree because it's hard to find this information.
  4. Update: Received a email from USCIS saying that have our packet back and they will review it. Is this a standard email? If not do we need to wait on doing the CR1?
  5. Did he still have to pay international student rates?
  6. I thought they would say that as well. Just making sure its the same issue and not anything different.
  7. So until then it's considered not a bona fide relationship ?
  8. Thats were i was confused because this isn't what they told him but this was there response of why it was denied. So i didn't know if thats the way they are wording the misrep
  9. Received an email from the Embassy stating the denial was because the CO was not convinced of a bona fide relationship. So is this because of a misrep or not having enough proof? I would have thought it would state the misrep not this.
  10. I just know they offer it. Can't speak on the legitimacy
  11. You have made several assumptions here about what is or not being done. Also you assumed I haven't had a conversation to learn the info I needed. I have a right to learn information for myself and do my research which my understanding is what this platform is for. Any major paperwork that has to be filled will be done on my end so yes I want to be will informed. I clearly have been researching and asking questions on how to do this the correct way so again you assume that I'm trying to file something generic. If what you are looking for a details of the conversation we had after my initial questions so you can have answers is not necessary for me to disclose. If you have any helpful advice I do welcome it but I clearly understand that all documents will need to factual or I wouldn't be here. Very last thing a relationship is a team and two people trying to do their leg work is better than just one.
  12. I had him investigated by two different sources once I realized the relationship was getting serious at two different periods of the relationship. I understood that even though we have a mutual friend which I trust and could verify what was factual that I still needed to protect myself because of the negative conversations that you hear about the country and fraud relationships/marriages. During having both people check they verified that he wasn't married. I did know he applied and when he did for a vistors visa but didn't know the application said married. So what I am going off of is my investigators and not just he word that he isn't. I may not be fully knowledgeable about all this but I try not to be down right stupid either.
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