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  1. I don't know if all countries are the same but we had to have n interview scheduled before we could do the medical. Also our medical is only good for 6 months and the police report is good for a year. Like I said I'm not sure about all countries but that has been what I have learned reading multiple threads. Hope that info helps
  2. Have you tried just asking @Greenbaum if he has your p3 packet. Throughout this thread he has said that he has most packets. He also through this thread explained how you can go about getting your p3 and also suggest going to your countries forum to find the information as well.
  3. In Transit!!!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering if the ship our paper work or if its electronic......🤷‍♀️
  4. To my understanding you complete the DS160 and pay your fee before you can apply for a interview slot but we are in different countries so I dont know if that is true for everyone
  5. Dont forget to read the entire thread here and for your country also
  6. @Greenbaum i was typing to fast and made an error on my fiance name on the ds160 can it be fixed? Will it negatively impact us? It is only i mixed two letters up.
  7. It's been that way for a little while. On a previous post someone said 4am Nigerian time was a good time to check. It has also been said that the embassy can provide extensions if your I129F expires I'm not sure how you apply for that but I'm sure its somewhere on this forum.
  8. I learned the hard way so now I read every thread before I ask any questions. I find that my question has been asked and answered multiple times. I only can speak for me but I think the anxiety of this process makes you not think your questions are original and forget that this whole website is about people who have been, are going through and have just started this process.
  9. If you go back a some pages you will see the Nigeria packet that he has provided previously. This way you don't have to wait and @Greenbaum wont have to resend it. Hope it helps. FYI I was tagged in the post.
  10. When I called I received my case and the invoice number. They said I wouldn't need it but she gave it to me just in case.
  11. I wonder if she is talking about when you go on the NVC website it gives a dates of where there are in processing cases. It doesn't update everyday but it will say something like "as of August 6, 2019 we are now processing July 20, 2019 cases". Just a rough example. But I wonder....
  12. I would wait a couple days and call at the end of the week. The may have a case number by then. Being optimistic.
  13. So if we have taken screenshots of our chats when the kids or our families talk will be fine to prove that he has meet my children and my mom and that I have meet his mom and son?
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