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  1. Has anyone been successful at booking an interview this week? I just checked the site and there doesn't seem to be in appointments available.
  2. Our case is “Ready”...💃🏾💃🏾 The CEAC site is up and running in case anyone has been trying to access it during the past few days...
  3. The CEAC site is down. Check again in a few days maybe it will be fixed by then.
  4. Did you select immigrant visa? I believe B1/B2 are your options under non-immigrant visa.
  5. Has anyone had to request an extension for their NOA2? Did you have to contact USCIS or NVC? Me too! Hope he’s well.
  6. Hi @TennilleOcan you send me the p3 you just received from Nigeria? Thank you!
  7. I recommend calling them. Don’t wait to hear from them. Or go there, if possible.
  8. Hello, has anyone recently completed their medicals? If so, how much did it cost?
  9. Wow! That was very straight forward interview. Congrats again!
  10. Hello, Are previous denials considered when adjudicating the K1 visa?
  11. No, we haven’t yet. Since my fiancé has lived in other countries we are waiting to get the police reports first so that we don’t run the risk of not having it in time for the interview. I hope we’re able to snag a November date because our NOA1 expires in December. Has anyone had to request an extension for their NOA1 or 2? If so how easy/difficult was it? thanks for the heads up re: the dates @G&BN
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