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  1. Thanks! I confirmed the amount was correct. Did you send 2 separate checks?
  2. Hi! We received our I-751 application package back from USCIS. The letter said we sent the wrong payment amount. Isn’t the payment $680? $595 application fee + $85 for biometrics. What am I missing? Also, we paid with credit card, should we have sent a check instead? Lastly the application and all other documents, now have some codes and markings at the bottom of the forms, can we resend those same documents back or do we need to print new copies of everything?
  3. I don't think my card would have blocked the transactions since i've used it in the past and they typically notify me if they block or decline a transaction. But thank you, I really appreciate you responding.
  4. Hello Everyone! I mailed off the I-751 package on May 6th. We haven't received a text confirmation or a NOA yet, nor has our credit card been charged. I noticed most people receive some kind of confirmation that their package was received within a few days. Do you know of anyway we can track the package? Unfortunately we can not find the USPS receipt with the USPS tracking number to even confirm its been delivered. Any suggestions on what our next step should be, besides just waiting? Thanks in advance!
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