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  1. Do you have to request an updated SSN card after you receive your green card? I thought it was automatically updated and sent to you.
  2. Congrats! I called my local SSA office (at 1-877-512-3849) for something else, i had a long wait time (about 20 mins) but someone finally picked up. Do you have to request an updated SSN card after you receive your green card? I thought it was automatically updated and sent to you.
  3. We had our interview today in the Baltimore office. The interview itself was fairly quick (about 15 minutes) overall the whole process took 1 hour. We got there at 8:00 for an 8:15 appointment. We checked in and sat in the waiting room for about 30-35 mins. Then our immigration officer (IO) called us in. He asked my husband (applicant) the following: name, date of birth, employer name, home address, if he has a criminal record, if there is anything that would come up in his background check that could negatively impact him, then he asked me for my name and my mother in law and father in law name. That was it! He asked if we had any questions. He said everything looked good and he's going to run a background check and then we should hear something in 7-14 days. He shook our hands and said congrats and wished a nice day! Due to covid he was only in the room with us in the beginning to do the oath, then he went next door in his office and we spoke to him through the computer, similar to zoom video call. We had a very pleasant IO and the interview was somewhat conversational. Best wishes to everyone on this thread still waiting!
  4. Where do you find the details regarding what type of exam you need for the interview?
  5. Thank you!! We actually just received our interview notice. So I am going to hold off on renewing.
  6. Hi! Has anyone successfully completed the EAD renewal process? I am going to submit my renewal at the end of this month and just wanted to be sure I am doing it correctly. Did you submit the I-765 again and provided the same documentation you provided for the initial application? Also, did you pay a fee? Thanks in advance.
  7. The wait times listed below are for the Baltimore field office. Based on that we could wait up to 3+ years to get an interview. Am I reading that correctly? 17.5 Months to 42.5 Months Family-based adjustment applications
  8. Same here! I am so sick of seeing that status. I really wanted to avoid having to file for an EAD extension, but looks like its unavoidable.
  9. I am in the same boat. No news since Biometrics appointment.
  10. Congrats!!! It's so nice to see June filers getting their interview dates.
  11. Hello! Has anyone on this thread had to apply for EAD renewal yet? If so, did you pay an additional filing fee?
  12. How do you go about contacting your congressman, and what did you ask them, exactly? I have been in "ready to schedule interview" since Oct 8th. Thanks and congrats on getting your interview date!!
  13. I am in the same boat. My status changed to "Case is ready to be scheduled" on October 8th. I hope we get an interview soon.
  14. Hello! Has anyone traveled with their EAD/AP combo card. We want to plan a last minute get away for the Christmas holiday. We are thinking of one of the US Virgin islands or PR to be on the safe side but i'm still abit nervous about traveling with it. Any advice? Thanks!
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