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  1. Good and bad news today. I had my interview in Louisville, KY (PD July 20, 2020), which went for the most part exceedingly well, until the very end. My wife (US citizen) and I checked into the office via iPad, waited for maybe 10 minutes, and were called in together by an immigration officer. He was very friendly, and after swearing in asked to see each of our IDs. He had the whole application package that we submitted in front of him and was flipping through as we went through the interview. He made it clear to my wife that she was there for the I-130 interview and that I was there for the I-485 interview. He went through the I-130 with her, asking her to confirm information from the forms (including my birthday). Then he moved on to the I-485, and similarly asked me to confirm information from that form (including my wife's birthday, my parents names, and a selection of maybe 10 yes/no questions). He then asked a few questions about our relationship, clarifying that either of us could jump in and answer: -When, where, and how did we meet? When did you start dating? When did you start talking about getting married? What was the proposal like? When did you move in together? What was the wedding like? Who was there? How many people attended? Where was it? Did you go on a honeymoon? This felt pretty conversational and we felt very at ease throughout. After answering these questions, he explained that all of our paperwork looked good except that on my I-693, the civil surgeon left a check box blank--by mistake, presumably--next to one of the vaccines on the chart near the end of the form (I did not need the vaccine, but the civil surgeon should have checked the box underneath the reason for the vaccine not being required). Because of that, the officer explained that he could not approve me and that I would be receiving an RFE in the mail to get a corrected I-693. On the upside, he said that once he receives the correct medical form, I could expect to receive the green card in 1-2 months, and he explained the process for RoC. Interestingly, though we came to the interview equipped with 3 folders of additional evidence of bona-fide marriage, he didn't ask to see ANY of it - no photos, no tax returns, no lease, no bank statements. SUPER frustrating! It was clear that he felt sorry for us too, as it came down to an overlooked checkmark for a vaccine that is only given to infants. Doubly frustrating because we moved across the country after getting the medical report (which I submitted with our initial application), so it's not a simple matter of going back to the original civil surgeon and getting the form corrected. I will probably have to pay for another exam in my current city and see if I can get a refund from the original civil surgeon who made the error.
  2. Hi everyone, Much to my surprise my case updated this morning to "Interview Was Scheduled". I don't have the interview date yet, but it should be coming in the mail soon. My biometrics appointment was February 12, and my AP/EAD haven't been approved (still showing "Fingerprints Were Taken"). Field office is Louisville, KY. July 12, 2020: Sent AOS package via UPS July 20, 2020: 130/485/131/765 received by USCIS August 8, 2020: Received NOAs in mail February 12, 2021: Biometrics at Cincinnati ASC February 16, 2021: Status updated to "Fingerprints Were Taken" for 485 and 765 February 22, 2021: Status updated to "Ready to Schedule for Interview" for 485 March 2, 2021: Status updated to "Interview Was Scheduled" for 485
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