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  1. Sorry I guess I worded my post poorly! I wasn’t trying to ask a question, I was trying to offer a suggestion - that the original poster should find out if they can get it faster in person. I know that at least some counties in California will allow you to get your marriage certificate the same day you get married. (You can get the license, get married at the county clerks office, then get the certificate all on the same day.) So I meant to suggest that they either check if things can be done faster in person, or check if another nearby county offers better wait times and go there instead.
  2. Do you know if you can get the marriage certificate any sooner if you pick up in person? I noticed some of the counties have a long mailing time, but will allow you to pick it up sooner. Also, have you considered going to a different county for your marriage license? You can go to any county in California to get the license - it doesn’t have to be the one you get married in. Different counties have different processing times. Some will let you get the certified copy of the marriage license the same day they receive it, if you go I’m person. Some just have a 10 day wait.
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