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  1. I have looked high and low for the rescheduling policies for the US consulate in South Africa and I only get redirected some where else and find nothing... does anyone one know the policy of rescheduling interviews for SA?
  2. Yeah so where the confusion lies is that my fiancé and I are in the medical and interview stage, and my sister filled out the I-134. My my sister sent the package somewhere, and now that we are reading through things we need that I-134... My sister did this without my knowledge and the reassured me that she sent it to the right place, these things didn’t add up but I let it go. Now she is confused cause she doesn’t even know where she sent it or where she was to do so... so so with all the paperwork she did. She will need to do it all over again and then send to my fiancé?
  3. where do I send the I-134 affidavit if my fiancé is going to the US Embassy in South Africa?
  4. For the payment method. Does it matter who the check is written from? I am abroad and sent my packet to my friends in the states for them to write a check and send it in. Just want to make sure that will be okay.
  5. After reading numerous things on money orders and where/how to send in your I-129f packet, I would really like clarification or guidance toward what I should do. I am a PC volunteer in Mozambique, and I am trying to submit my paperwork now, so that the packet can process while I am still in country. My concerns are if a money order from Mozambique would work, and my fiance has suggested using DHL to send the packet which I know is an option. I have read so many different things, so I don't know what the protocol is on these types of things. Anyone have experience filling out the K-1 visa from another country?
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